For the Stans: Your Monday Morning Beyonce Fix

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce was spotted leaving the Spotted Pig in NYC this weekend. All we are going to say is that bag is tough.

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  • Dr. Heather

    She looks so young and dfresh without all that make-up on…this is a good look for her.

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    i love the bag its hotttt…. she looks really pretty.. Htown stand up…

  • jazi

    She actually looks much better without all that make up..Now if we can ween her off those ratty lacefronts…

  • me

    That Fendi bag is hot! She really looks better w/o all of the makeup and honey blonde hair.

  • A +

    She looks good, she has that “girl about town” thing going on. A refreshing change from the usual.

  • Delta Diva

    This is a refreshing look for her! Oh and that bag is off tha chain!

  • yo


  • J

    I really like her new hair color.

  • Sam I AM

    good look for her..nice and fresh

  • lainy

    She looks adorable without makeup. Her handbag collection is off the chain if I was paid I would probably do the same. You go girl!!!

  • Lady Architect

    That bag is so sick…loving it…and she looks very nice with the dark hair and no makeup.

  • The Real Essence 1

    What makes that bag so hot?

    I don’t like Beyonce’s style at all she always looks the same. Kimora Lee is so fab it’s disgusting!

  • manny

    she looks very pretty

    she has some very good skin too

  • AND...

    yay bring more beyonce!!!!!

  • Ro Ro

    Yeah Yeah Yeah….what ever. Nice bag…hate that carrier. MOVE ON

  • http://concreteloop Gloria

    I havent seen any blind items posted on concreteloop lately

  • Godiva

    I like that Fendi bag….I want the white version of it. That outfit don’t match. Oh well-moving on.

  • helltothanaw

    From what I see, she has great skin.. She should flaunt it more often. That’s a refreshing look for her and I bet she feels so free not having to put that schlack on her face for once.

  • d c dina

    stop hating, you know she looks good & the bag is fierce!!! black people show some love for each other!!!

  • Maya

    ^^^I like the bag, it’s hot, and she looks very fresh faced without all the makeup….Gloria, if you go to, they have all the new blind items posted there from Myra Panache, who is the source on concreteloop….

  • justme

    well B is my gurl and she doin it big right about now! i luv the darker hair& less make up!that wuz funny bout da pic w? Sanna and th gold hair !

  • G-Roc

    B owns the net!


    She’s a nice looking HUMAN BEING

  • http://www.myspace.comalobienduro NextTopModel


  • KIA

    The bag is cute…………but she still can’t dress! And she looks messy!

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