What a 41 Year-Old Pregnant Banger Looks Like

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Crazy ass Halle Berry attended the screening of her latest film “Things We Lost in The Fire” this weekend in New York City rockin that pregnant glow. That doesn’t look like the face of a craze-o who saves 35 pee pee infested negative EPT’s in a drawer, on the other hand, it’s always the prettiest broads that have that dormant psycho gene that lets loose when you least expect it.

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  • Bahama Mama

    looking good mama

  • Ro Ro

    Halle Berry makes pregnancy look good. Congrats to her again. But where is the Baby daddy. Damn can’t support a sista on her premier?? LOL

    (always gotta point out the negative huh??) 🙂

  • Sam I AM


  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    She’s pretty, but still needs to do her hair. And I’m just curious… why the baby with Gabriel, and not with Eric??? Oh nevah mind…

  • Dr. Doom

    Oh spare me this artificial PCism. There’s nothing remotely attractive about a 41year old pregnant cow who reeks of desperation…Especially one who’s insane. Medically speaking, at this age, this irresponsible tart, has just increased her odds of bearing austistic fruit ten fold. This is not a celebratory moment you rodents – It’s an affront to MAN AND GOD!


  • justme

    awww Halle looks so beutiful!

  • http://www.blackbeatpress.com Micheal Prince

    The Real Black Entertainment Beat…


  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    Soooo nice

  • RU$$

    RJ, The Brothers are not gonna Deal with a Nutcase no matter how Fine she is….

  • Monk

    Beautiful woman, At first I never thought Halle was that good looking- she always came off to me as a black woman with white woman facial features -no where near ugly, but not ethnic enuff. But she does look cute pregnant wish I could have contributed and went half on a baby with her.

  • Prettything731

    Leave her alone. She’s had two failed marriages, and she is 41 years of age. What woman does not want to be a mother. Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Its hard mentally for a woman. Just because she kept her negative pregnancy test doesn’t mean she’s crazy…Maybe crazy in LOVE!!!!!!???????

  • yeah I said It

    She looks good and younger then Beyonce…

  • LolaCola

    Halle..I can feel your happiness..and it makes me happy..

    Beautiful Healthy baby coming right up.

    Bring it for the fortysomethings Halle

  • JohnB

    Big Jim Writes:

    Halle is spitting in the faces of Black women and Sistas are so obsessed with proving that the White man loves Black women that you can see it. By the way do you think Halle’s White Knight would marry any of the “SISTAS” in here with their 5 kids?

    Yeah I thought so!!!!!!!

    @Big Jim,

    The above isn’t the question. The question is “Where are the black black fathers of those 5 kids!!!

    It’s time people like you start marrying the Black mothers of your babies and settle down so the kids can have a fathers strong influence and get a shot at a good education and a better society/life.

  • The Real Essence 1

    I’m sorry but Halle stoped impressing me when she lost her short hair style. I saw her on Oprah last week & must admit she looked flaw to the less but other than that I’m kinda over her.

    Hoping she has a blessed delivery

  • anon

    I find it funny that because Halle’s boyfriend is white, that all of a sudden she’s labled ‘crazy’ by some blacks…interesting. There may be a problem with you and not her. It’s also funny how people can sit around a blog site and assume what went wrong with Halle’s marriages. As if you were there… please for the love of god get lives. I can’t help but to lmao at the ‘black men’ on this site that say they don’t care for Halle…. i’m sure she could care less, i’m sure men that sit around a blog site breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t exactly her type. lol! You never had a chance with her anyway, so quit being delusional! And to the females that sit around hating, she more then likely looks better then YOU. Halle is 41 yrs. old and looks better and younger then most 25 yr. olds. I can’t even front. Halle was being nice on Oprah, because if I was her, I would have told all the Haters that don’t like the way i’m living my life to kiss my ass! Period.

    Anyways, she looks great as usual…. I am happy for her because for the first time in a long time she actually looks happy. Sort of like how Janet Jackson started looking when she found Jermain Dipri. Congrats Halle.

  • anon

    …Oh and whoever “big Jim” is needs to seek therepy quickly. You are entirely too passionate when it comes to Halle Berry and it shows. It’s really pathetic. Remember that you are on a blog site talking about HER life while she’s somewhere not giving a damn about YOU. Again, some of you men are so delusional. smdh

  • Jordan

    Unfortunately Halle is aging like her white mother…you can already see the crows feet. It’s funny that you never see her with her boyfriend…the whole thing looks fake to me. Everytime you see Nicole or Christina Aguilera, J-lo they’re with their babys daddy. I’m starting to wonder if there’s not ‘something’ wrong with this chick that she can’t keep a man.

    I have no issue with her being with a white man…I date them myself but, I don’t think he’s as gorgeous as everyone says….he looks like Shaggy from scooby-doo. K-fed looks better to me than him. attractive + attractive doesn’t = attractive. Look at Bruce willis and Demi Moore —– RUMOR WILLIS….FUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    She is so pretty

  • JohnB


    That’s a good point but remember no one every called Bruce Willis handsome/attractive, they have called his looks “rugged” not handsome.

    Rumor Willis unfortunately got her fathers jaw.

    Halle and Gabriel are not handsome they might both be considered (let me vomit first) pretty.

    I think unless there is a “throw back gene” their child would likely be from her mother and Gabriel somewhat blond/brownish haired, skin would be dark in a bronze kind of way like oJ’s daughter, child would have virtually no lips (unfortunately) like Halle, her mother and Gabriel, would be of slim to frail build, likely tall as fathers seems to dominate height, eyes would be Halle’s mother or Gabriel.

    With such a child genetically Halle would be the weak link, her father’s genes would disappear.

  • OH NO!

    lmao @ the bitter black men on this site!!!

  • Roberto

    Halle looks great i’m so happy for, luv u Halle!!!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    Hatred is ugly and thus, some of you on here are VERY ugly.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please

    She looks happy and beautiful.

  • DC Tap Water

    preggo with some BAD BOOTS..shes BAD period……

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