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You may not like Tiny but you will respect her.

Tiny Talks Marriage With T.I. And Criticism

Tiny is currently covering the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine, and inside, she dishes on how she is able to handle constant criticism, as well as how she manages to stay positive in a world full of negativity. She also dishes how her and hubby T.I keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Via Rolling Out Magazine:

On how she manages to maintain her cool despite the constant criticism

I do it with confidence. I believe that confidence is everything for a woman. You just have to be comfortable with who you are and what you bring to the table. I’m at the point in my life where I pretty much don’t give a s— what people think … but if I see something that I don’t like on Twitter and I feel like I want to say something back, I will, because that’s just me. I’m not really quick with my temper, though, and I stay positive and surround myself with positive people. At the end of the day, positivity is the thing that you need the most … that and confidence.

Again, it’s all about positivity. You’ve got to know that today is just a bad day, and you just have to take it in and keep moving because tomorrow can be a better day. I never let things keep me down, so if it’s a bad moment right now, I will deal with it keep it moving. And if I’m feeling like I’m not looking right, I just don’t take any pictures.

On how she felt when T.I called her his wife for the first time

I was kind of like ”damn, that’s me.” I felt like a lucky lady and I love it every time I hear it. It just does something to me … it sends a signal to my body and tells me to jump all over him whenever possible [laughs].

Her advice to those who want to spice up their relationships

You have to try new things and be open and talk about things that you’re interested in. You also have to talk about things that he’s interested in and see if you guys can come to a happy medium, and just get wild … that brings a little something extra to the bedroom.

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