Close Calls: Celebrities Who Survived Freakish Near-Death Experiences

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Celebrities Who Survived Near-Death Experiences

It takes quite a miracle for celebrities to reach their levels of fame. It’s mostly skill and dedication, but it’s also a ton of luck. Not only is it luck they became famous but luck they even survived!

Don’t believe us. Here are a bunch of celebrities that should thank their lucky stars they’re even alive right now.

Kanye West – We all know about the infamous car accident that almost killed him. He even rapped part of his debut with his jaw wired shut.

Lil Wayne – He accidentally shot himself in the nards when he was a teenager, losing enough blood to almost kill himself.

Diddy – Just last week he almost lost it all in a dangerous car accident.

Serena Williams – A freak intestinal disease almost ended her life…but she came back to dominate.

Nick Cannon – He also had a freak disease that nearly took him out. But he’s got a clean bill of health now.

Rick Ross – He had a series of seizures last year that freaked everyone out, too.

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    Michael Jordan – Not many people know this but MJ nearly drowned when he was just a kid. Imagine a world without Michael Jordan.

    Jay-Z – He’s constantly rapping about the one time three bullets flew right by his head and barely missed him. Close call, Jigga.

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