Random Ridiculousness: Victoria Beckham not a fan of Snoop Dogg, Snoop Likes To Catch a Predator Show

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Spotted at whatspoppin.net:

It seems that not everybody wants to be associated with Snoop Dogg, including a former Spice Girl who wishes her husband never even met the “fo shizzle” rapper. The Dogg recently said he was forbidden to laze around with British superstar David Beckham because the athlete’s wife didn’t want the two hanging and riding the streets together. After the “Live 8” concert in 2005, Snoop wanted to have some brother-to-brother chill time with the soccer man, however, things quickly came to a halt.Snoop says he’s always been a fan of the athlete, and it’s unfortunate that Victoria failed to see the twinkle in his eye and reach into his heart of gold.

According to Digitalspy.co.uk, The Dogg said, “I wanted to hang out with David because I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine. But his wife didn’t like that and she wouldn’t let him party with me.”Snoop thinks the reason the slim-thin celebrity was reluctant about letting her husband spend time with the rapper is because of his reputation for being a womanizer.He added, “She said something about my reputation – but I wasn’t going to introduce him to any girls. I think Mrs. Beckham just misread my reputation.”

Go head, Mrs. Becks, way to have your husband in check! Victoria and David must have a good relationship, Hollywood couples should be taking notes. Oh, Snoop, cry me a river, no wife would probably want you to hang out with her husband. Misread reputation or not, your track record in general probably put you on her “no-go” list.

In other Snoop news,

He tells Stuff magazine:

The former drug dealer was asked by Stuff magazine what is the first thing he does in the morning. “Roll a blunt,” he replied. Asked what’s the last thing he does in the evening, he said, “Smoke a blunt.” And when asked what television shows he enjoys watching, the rapper said. “I like MSNBC, when they be catching those child predators. I love when they crack their [bleeps].”

To Catch a Predator is the funny show on MSNBC that has caught Snoop’s eye, definitely one of the funniest tv shows of alltime. Chronic for breakfast, chronic for dinner…wonder what Snoop has for lunch. Really? Most people, when asked what’s the first thing they do upon waking in the morning, say “stretch” or maybe “brush my teeth” or possibly “wash my face”. I hope he’s smoking that blunt to himself, unless he’s passing it to someone who also has stinky morning breath and dried slobber around their mouths, lol!

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