Chris Brown Goes Back to Where it All Started

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown headed back to his hometown of Tappahannock (VA) to sign DVD’s and other memorabilia for a toy drive at a Children’s Center. It’s good lil homie could take his mind off of Rihanna’s tasty cakes for a minute to contribute to a good cause.

A couple more up under the hood…

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  • Joey B


  • Nih(Fellow Houstonian)

    I think he is a cool dude, a lil goofy but cool!!

  • donnachang

    a few more years…a few..more.

  • Re

    Is that a bear on the left?

  • beyonce hater

    mmh he cute, ole country azz boy. I hope rihanna breaks his heart though

  • beyonce hater

    i hope she breaks his heart so much, he gets depressed and no longer performs for a while, i need a chris brown break like a b@tch!!!

  • Neimanmarcus9 AIM

    That’s what’s up Chris, give back to your Hometown!!! I like to see Celebs give back, you’re FINE ROLE MODEL for the YOUTH!! Keep it up pa!

  • ispeakthetruth

    Good job chris alot of peopie should be giving back to the sick and less fortunate even if they do not have your bank account instead of worrying about the petty things in life.

  • BE

    Good for Chris Brown he has always been a good guy (so far). he is a little cutey

  • jas


  • kahmmillion

    Who cares….

    He looks like he could tear a carpet up!

  • Dizzy McElroy


  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Tapz That Assy!


    im sorry but who over 25 likes chris brown and what is the problem?

  • ha ha

    LMFAO @ Rih’s “tasty cakes”

  • kinkz

    Well it sure is good to see chris without rihanna hot on his tail! Not…if I were her I would be all over his lil ass too!

  • Creole Baby Says Whitley ain't Creole but Denise Sho' Nuff Is

    oh my

  • Toni M.

    mmmm…that aint too far….nah cant do it.

    co-sign @ kahmmillion..i would have to give a young man a try…

  • MH

    Iam so glad to see him not behind Rih-Rih for once…she uses him as an accessory.

  • roosevelt taylor

    If the little homey dont go 4x platinum on that next album he aint the truth

  • DrmKpr

    It’s good to see someone, celeb or not, giving back to where they came from… more should do so and this world we live in will be much better place… saw some more pics from this event and Rihanna was there as well…. must be spending the holidays together…

  • VAGirl

    Im from Tappahannock and Rhianna was right there with him,

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