Out Of Pocket: Wisconsin Man Charged With Felonies After Putting Dog And Raccoon In Barrel To Fight!

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It’s a dog-eat-raccoon world out there…

Wisconsin Man Who Instigated Dog Raccoon Fight Charged With Felonies

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A 22-year-old Oconto County man is charged with two felonies for instigating a fight between his dog and a raccoon.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in terms of animal abuse in 35 years of being an attorney,” said John Evans, the district attorney for Oconto County.

Evans says Friday was the first time he had to charge someone with instigating a fight between animals. It stems from a situation earlier this month when Paul Detert allegedly tried to train his raccoon dog how to hunt at his home in the Town of Maple Valley. According to a criminal complaint, Detert put the dog in a 55-gallon barrel and then put a live raccoon inside.

“It’s horrendous, it’s depraved,” said Evans. “You can’t even describe what this might have sounded like. And he claimed when he was questioned, he volunteered information that the fight took between five and ten minutes. So to stand there and listen to that, although not being able to see it, is unbelievable.”

According to the complaint, when Detert opened the barrel the raccoon was dead and his dog bit him in the hand.

So what does the sick master do when his angry dog bites him?

“So he decided to execute the dog by tying it up and shooting it through the head with a revolver,” said Evans.

In the complaint, deputies claim they couldn’t see a dog bite on Detert’s hand when questioning him.

In his defense, Detert says:

“It is what it is”

Way to show contrition sir. Clearly this guy never heard of Michael Vick, but he will soon enough…SMH

To make matters worse, Mr. Detert was charged but never arrest or taken into custody!

“White privilege”??? We’re just sayin…

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