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Get a load of President-elect Obama putting those pecks on display. Obviously, the paps were steady stalking Barack during his tropical excursion:

President-elect Barack Obama finished his afternoon golf game about 5:30 p.m. local time, five hours after arriving at Olomana Golf Links. As for Mr. Obama and his group, a snack bar clerk later confirmed that he purchased two hot dogs, two spam musubi, two passion orange sodas, one Powerade and one coke, for a tab of $17.75. The spam musubi, a local luncheon specialty, consists of spam and a fried egg on a bed of rice, all held together with a dried seaweed wrap. (Visualize a very big sushi role, slightly larger than a Hostess Ho Ho.)

Sources say that Obama offered to buy those vultures reporters a round of beer, but they declined. Classy move, one smoove brotha indeed.




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