Ain’t Tricking If You Got It: Jessica Simpson’s Dirty Dog Daddy Joe Stole Money From Ex-Wife To Make It Rain Stacks On Model Boy-Toy

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Gotta pay to play…

Joe Simpson Buys Gay Boyfriend Lavish Gifts

Joe Simpson was Bryce Chandler Hill’s sugar daddy, is exclusively reporting:

After uncovering her soon-to-be ex-husband’s affair with the 21-year-old aspiring model, Tina Simpson, 52, spoke with their shared business manager, David Levin to see what transactions Joe had made over a 12-month period.

After she discovered that Joe, 54, had been freely spending thousands of dollars on designer clothing, high-end hotels and concerts, Tina confronted Joe and he confessed that he had been lavishing Bryce with gifts secretly for more than a year. Worse still, the money spent was from Joe and Tina’s joint account!

“Soon after Joe confessed that he was having an affair with Bryce, Tina wanted to retrace his steps,” a source close to the family told

“She asked David, who looks after their business ventures and their joint account, to look at what transactions Joe had made.

“Over a 12-month period, Tina saw that Joe was splashing thousands of dollars in designer stores in New York and Los Angeles, staying in luxury hotels and buying tickets for concerts. They were secret purchases he had made without telling Tina!

“What was worse, the money that Joe had freely spent on Bryce was from a mutual account he shared with Tina. She was livid, so asked him what he spent it on and he admitted he was gifting Bryce.

“But Joe wasn’t finished,” the source continued. “He later withdrew $1.5 million from that account after confessing his sins and claimed it was for investments.

“Tina’s not sure what to believe anymore.”

As previously reported, Tina dashed to New York to confront Joe about his alleged trysts after finding modeling shots of Bryce lying around the L.A. home she shared with Joe.

That culminated in the pair thrashing out their differences in a hotel lobby.

Before that, Bryce was bragging to friends about having a gay relationship with Joe and they say he’s using him for fame and laughing behind his back.

It is pretty obvious this guy Bryce is now selling stories to all the tabloids. Tina if you are smart you will divorce this deceitful scum and take him to the cleaners.

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