What The Hell?? Woman Finds A Frog In Her Bag Of Salad!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum! Guess her appetite was ruined cause this Florida woman found a lot more than some soggy lettuce in her bag.

According to The Huffington Post:

…she picked up the bag of Marketside greens she bought at Walmart last Thursday, Oct. 18, and found a live frog camped out inside her salad bag.

You can tell that the frog is alive because its heartbeat is clearly visible in a video posted on the WFTV9 website. Wonder how a frog survived that long inside a plastic bag? Most plastic used to package salads these days is slightly permeable, which allows the lettuce — and apparently, any stray amphibians — to breathe. The bag was unopened, so it’s extremely unlikely that the frog entered the bag anywhere but the Market Fresh factory.

Shockingly, this is far from the first time an innocent customer has discovered a Mealbreaker-worthy frog inside a bag of mixed greens.

Two different UK residents found them in September 2012 alone — a dead one in a bag of salad from Tesco and a live one in a salad from Waitrose. Stateside, you have to go back to November to find a similar case — this one from a salad purchased at Costco — that attracted similar publicity.

How the hell does a frog “accidentally’ get sealed up in a bag of salad??

Images via WFTV9

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