Dirty Dog Diaries: Gay “Pay For Play” Butt-Pirate Puts Jessica Simpson’s Shady DL Daddy On Blast For His Freaky Bedroom Antics

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Youth pastor to daddy on the DL…

Gay Escort Talks About Affair With Joe Simpson

Not only was Joe Simpson leading a secret gay life, but a new report claims Jessica Simpson’s father hired a gay male escort, and now he’s opened up about his romp with Joe, and RadarOnline.com has all the details:

The explosive bombshell comes from the National Enquirer, who spoke with 32-year-old Joey Anderson, a New York City-based male escort who passed a polygraph test recounting a steamy three-hour tryst with Joe at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in May.

“Over the course of two hours or so, we rolled around, kissed and gave each other oral,” Joey told the Enquirer.

“We’d take breathers and then start up all over again. He seemed to have an insatiable appetite for sex and never really appeared tired.”

The former Baptist minister was “very much pleased” with the session, according to Joey, and paid him $600 “for my time, not for sexual services.”

Joey claims he and Joe have exchanged text messages since the May romp, trying to set up another meeting, but haven’t worked anything out yet.

“Whatever the case, I’m probably not the only one. After being a family man, and a religious one to boot, for all these years, I’m sure he’s out sowing his wild oats with a bunch of boys,” Joey said.

“Joe has lived a lifetime of deceit regarding his sexuality. Before the dust settles, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a lot more guys coming forward.”

All of this man’s lies are about to come to light and we just hope Jessica and her family are ready for it.

What you do in the dark always comes to light and usually needs to get tested at the free clinic.

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