Epitome Of A Bad Father: Louisiana Teen Charged With Attempted Murder After Pouring Rum In Feeding Tube Of His Hospitalized Baby Son

- By Bossip Staff

Two-months-old is wayyyy too young to be getting slizzard! An epitome of a bad father is in deed isht after almost killing his baby by giving him RUM!

Via UK Daily Mail reports:

A teenage father has been charged with attempted murder after pouring liquor into his two-month-old son’s hospital feeding tube.

Cesar Ruiz, 19, allegedly pumped Lucas with rum during his stay at Ochsner Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, which he was admitted to with breathing difficulties on October 16.

The child was undergoing treatment ahead of surgery scheduled for Wednesday when on Sunday he began having seizures.

He was moved to the pediatric intensive care unit where doctors found him to have a blood alcohol level of .289, more than twice the 0.8 per cent legal limit for driving in Louisiana.

Ruiz confessed to the crime, explaining that he acted to relieve his son’s suffering and did not intend to kill him, police said.

He told officers he had taken a feeding tube from the hospital when he left to go home and shower and filled it up with rum before returning.

The baby’s mother, Erika Wigstrom, said she had noticed a bottle of Bacardi Silver Rum in the freezer on Saturday night, that had not been there a few hours later.

He is believed to be in a stable situation.

A family friend told wwltv.com: ‘This is a beautiful little boy. He deserves to live. Pray for him.’

Doctors said the brain doesn’t finish developing until the mid-twenties, so exposure to alcohol earlier than that can cause behavior and growth problems for life.

‘We don’t know what is a safe level for a child,’ Dr Gershanik told the news site. ‘Tiniest amount of alcohol can be deadly, so why to take a chance?’

Hey on the bright side, at least he didn’t put the rum into his veins! That definitely would have been deadly.

We pray the baby makes a full recovery, and this guy Cesar gets his life together before his horrible parenting skills hurt any more kids.

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