Seen on the Scene: Blood Diamond Russ and His Young Meat

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Russell Simmons and his model girlfriend/yoga buddy Porschla Coleman were spotted comparing blood diamond bracelets with Serena Williams’ ex (who admitted to getting brains from a tranny)Brett Ratner at Movieline’s Hollywood Life Style Awards.

It just seems so odd that good ‘ole Russ is always around and kicks it with Kimora and Amistad.

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  • NoWAY

    Beard. Rustle and the short squat dude are the real couple. LOL

  • lainy

    So what, is Russ not swinging the both ways anymore? It seems like he is dating any and everything that he can. Must be nice.

  • Delta Diva

    Why must he look so tacky? Kimora needs to help him be more Fab! I agree with Flex, the white sneakers and suit are played out and he has no swagger to be able to pull that look off in the first place!

  • saucefry

    as usual Russell got a HOT new chick—HIP HIP HOORAY!!

  • geezelouise

    @ AND… i think they meant the girlfriend wasn’t at the birthday party. obviously kimora was there, she threw the party, duh.

  • ThaBossLadee

    …Kimora was there… lol

  • Law Diva 1908

    Umm look again all 4 of them were there and if I cared enough I would go look up the picture (russ, his chick, kimora, and dijimon)

  •,8599,1666573,00.html Common Sense

    Kimora Lee is a disgraceful cunt whose only talent is latching on to Russel. She brags about traveling to Caans with 30 LV suitcasesm, as if that’s some accomplishment. This materialistic twat is the epitome with all that is tacky and tastless and irresponsible in the world. She an uneducated hoe who needs to be ignored. I lost respect for Djimon

  • mia

    Correction. She was indeed at the party. Some other sites had pictures that showed her taking pictures with Russell, Kimora, and Djimon. Investigate

  • moxpoe1

    uuuuuuh, didn’t Kimora throw this party for Russ.

  • Treasures in Store

    laughing at common sense hating on Kimora..she earned the $, y cnt she spend it on as many LV trunks as she wants. You truly need to chill on the hate, if Kimora was such a dumb ____as u called her she wldnt be the millionare she is while u are just another crab in the hater barrel 🙂

  • nahnah


    triple neck kimora is a woman of no substance. her life is based on how many 10.000 handbags she owns and that’s it. and it’s sad to say she is instilling the same “values” in her children.

  • Kensington

    All ladies, I want to know what you think: What is really going on with Kimora and Russ? I mean, I’ve known many couples and I’ve witnessed each one of them deal with a break-up at some time or another. But I have NEVER seen a separated couple who date in front of/with one another as much as these do.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Wow this nicca just don’t like black women. As least this one has a normal looking neck and not that giraffe looking thing he was married to.

  • lainy

    Is it me but does anyone watch the Fab life staring Kimora? I think those girls have way too much. Not hating I just think they are very spoiled with their choclate facials and pedicures. what are they going to do when they grow up? they have nothing to work hard for their mama got them working now.

  • ewok

    that is because kimora is evil and her clothes stink. she does not want anything prettier in the room. she is like school in the summertime….no class.

  • nahnah

    Wow this nicca just don’t like black women. As least this one has a normal looking neck and not that giraffe looking thing he was married to.


    unfortunately, a good amount of black men in the industry feel they must have a light woman on their shoulders in order to feel ‘complete’.


  • nahnah

    btw just:

    kimora is half black, so technically, he likes black women, so long as they’re not ‘whole’. cuz you know the industry hates that.

  • daria

    Was that “tranny” Serena? I kid. I kid.

  • hey

    she’s too pretty for him. what does she do for a living anyway? russ just seems like a really boring guy…what do these women $ee in him?

  • nooneelse

    shes cute.

  • Vanessa

    Why isn’t anybody talking about JENA 6.

  • Vanessa

    Why isn’t anybody talking about JENA 6.

  • SavvySammi

    Is it that hard to find a beautiful black woman-NO!!!She is white isn’t she!!!! I am so sick of this grrrr….atleast Kanye got him a black girl!

  • fatcat

    Didnt Komora throw the party for his 50th?

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