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Jay-Z recently discussed the condition of hip hop and where he plans to go with his album American Gangster:

“When a guy says – and this is definitely no disrespect, because everybody has their place – but when a guy says, ‘I can make a mil saying nothing on a track,’ you know you have reached a bad place. Not only did you think about it, you said it. So, [Hip-Hop] is way past salvaging. So, I’m just gonna do what I do. I’m just gonna go over ‘there’ – way over there. This is why this is what it is. I’m going so far over there.”

“What I really plan to do is shoot [American Gangster, the album] as a movie. Like a better ‘Streets is Watching’. Doing it like a musical. Real stories and get somebody in there that’s [going do to]…real writing. Someone to shoot it like ‘Godfather.’ I know that’s a little ungracious, but that’s how you gotta place it to get somewhere near.”


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  • hiphoper

    Get tha fuk ouutta here jay,

    you got rich off this now you wanna talk smack

    wasnt you on the I Get Money remix with your friends Puffy and Fiddy?

    stop the hypocrisy

  • Bahama Mama

    jay is blind to u haters

    go head jay, make the music, cuz u still got classic and can’t nobody dispute that

  • Smartie

    You wanna shoot it like a movie ? Sorry that’s what Trapped In The Closet parts 1-473 did before you Homes. Might wanna go do some other unoriginal crap like a remix to Li’l Flips Game Ova. Cause in this case, it’s true.

  • Alexa

    is he doing this to intentionally coincide with the upcoming Denzel/Russel Crowe film “American Gangster?”

  • JJ

    He’s going to make a movie of an album about a movie. Sounds fascinating.

  • 504okaay


  • NoWAY

    Ok but when you do this take off the hot pink satin jacket.

  • sylvia

    I love him but he looks TERRIBLE in that pic 😦

  • Mahogany

    Yes to Alexa.

    He’ll be on the soundtrack.

    Not sure if his whole album will be though.

    I know the movie will have some good “oldies” in it.

    Mayfield, Womack, hopefully the Delfonics….

    Geez, I’m only 28 and already craving the oldies.

    And a Jodeci comeback……..

    I am a dreamer by nature


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    504, I thought it…you said it!! I love jay and thought it was just me, but I am like WTH is he saying?!?! It’s a tad bit incomprehensible.

    BTW, saw an early preview of American Gangsta and it’s awesome!! When it’s released in Nov. I definitely plan to see it again.

  • Indy

    That is one ugly, big lipped man!

  • fat boy



  • FineAsWine

    hey 504

    and why is jay shriveling up!!!!

    i like him solid

  • Just Me

    He talking about Lil Wayne

  • jo

    he is addicted to fame. Please let other rappers shine and stop signing people to shelf them!!!


    So true. I just hope with is big scale “interpretation” of a movie he hires real actors. And doesn’t let his creole skeeo aka Beyonce stink up the screen w/ her bad acting.

  • coop

    @Jus Another Opinion



    Why should anyone pay attention to “Fiddy” Jay knows that what he says around album release time is just marketing.

  • kisha

    that’s right j! give us something to look forward to rather than the same ole same ole.

    and who are you to tell someone to retire? he can be 60 and still making albums if he wanted – contrary to popular belief he really isn’t the oldest one out here – ll, wu, snoop, and a lot of others aren’t spring chickens.

    and how is j fake, dummy? he didn’t have any “beef” with 50 – it’s a business and they were all playing their parts. go back to high school and think a little deeper than what is just in front of your face.

  • Brown Suga

    @ 504 I thought the same thing. I was like what the hell did he say. I had to read it a few times.

  • Blacksmith

    This album is the soundtrack for the movie…the producers asked Jay to record an album inspired by the movie.

  • AND...

    @ all the people dissing jay

    have u ever bought one of his albums?

  • ole school

    To each his/her own, but are stories about so-called gangstas the only ones we have to tell? One would think that the egregious pursuit of bling and booty are the only relevant and interesting things going on in our communities.

  • AND...

    @ ole school

    according to 90% of our artists it is.

  • college girl

    um, isn’t there a REAL American Gangster movie coming out in 2008 w/ Denzel?

  • Lano

    You got your nerves jay smh

  • AND...

    @college girl


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