Red In The Face: What These Celebrities Consider Their Most Embarrassing Moments

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Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassing Moments. They’re glorious reminders that we’re all human no matter how cool we think we are. In many ways, they’re just God’s way of humbling us. So when stars get big britches, there’s always some embarrassment that they are struggling to live down. They’re mostly harmless little spats of hilarity, that’s why it’s fun to flash back.

Take that trip to memory lane with us.

Rihanna – She was admittedly embarrassed when her mom made a public joke about her getting chopped down by Ashton Kutcher. Leave it up to a mom to do something like that.

Michelle’s Fall – She busted her a$$ live on 106 & Park. It’s the most embarrassing thing she’s had to deal with.

Beyonce’s Tumble – She fell down the damn stairs on stage. She was so embarrassed that damn near all evidence was yanked from Youtube.

Christina Aguilera – A mysterious liquid during an Etta James tribute? Very embarrassing.

Jay-Z – He used to get embarrassed by Beyonce’s PDA and shout outs, so he was terribly embarrassed when she shouted him out at the VMAs.

Janet Jackson – She had a boob pop out during the Super Bowl. Planned or not she was embarrassed.

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    Maino – He said he was embarrassed when he met Keyshia Cole and she’d heard about his past lyrics and threw lemons at him!

    Lil Wayne – If you watch his Carter documentary he talks about being 11 years old and Baby making ladies pleasure him in front of them. He was definitely scared and embarrassed.

    Kanye West – Yeezy admitted to being embarrassed at his (maybe drunken?) actions at the VMAs towards Taylor Swift. We don’t blame him.

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