Is Common Hittin’ Kerry Washington???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

One our faithful readers in VA exclusively tells Bossip Kerry Washington was chillin’ backstage last night at a Common show in Norfolk. Kerry recently told SOHH she directed Common’s latest video:

“Common called me and asked me if I wanted to be ‘the girl’ in the next video because we’ve really always had a mutual respect for each other’s work and I said that I would do it if I can direct it,” Washington told SOHH. “And he was like, ‘Alright well write a treatment.”

Kerry dates brothas????? The video wrapped over a week ago and she is still leanin’ on Common. We knew something was up when she attended a ‘Hip Hop Honors’ event.

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  • I stole his bapes

    Yeah, numba 1 son.


    Kerry is now dating black men? Will wonders never cease!!

  • biteme

    noooooooooo….Kerry betta back up dagnabbit!

  • Erica

    She’s to cute for him!

  • Lili

    If true, that’d be a good look for both of them.



  • Naw Son

    Yeah ?, mutual respect for each others work Huh?….”She Hates Me” was a really, really,really far stretch role for her. He enjoyed her intense scenes with Dania Ramirez, it was “Gripping and Compelling”. While she loves the “Creativity and lyrical content” of the song “Go” especially the line, “she said that there were some girls that attracted her, a new chapter she was after so i said let’s Go”…

    Ya’ll two kids…mutual respect…My BLACK ARSE!

  • Notch

    Morning Drock 504 & Sugar!

    I like Kerry and if she dating Common (which i sorta doubt)..i wish plenty of the best!

  • Mahogany

    If it’s true I think they would make a lovely couple.

    If Common can’t bring her ass back she’s a lost cause.!!


    that is all


  • Bahama Mama

    morning kiddies

    i have nutting to say actually but for all that would like to know h.c hideout fly like an eagle5 drock, kitty

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Idk but Kerry looks like the Black Kim Kardashian.

    Common just needs some serious dental work for his bottom row teeth.

    Kerry aka THE BLACK KIM K

  • Zesty

    Common is gay, I don’t think he could find a classy woman like Kerry attractive. He and John Legend should just continue in the closet dating models.

    Kerry is hot, she could do much better.

  • ko

    She’s alright but she’s not real!!!

  • me

    i love kerry but common loves the sisters…

  • lainy

    How is that possible she is married and seems to only like white guys and women?

  • nono

    am waiting for that video.

  • Seattle Slim

    Just because Kerry dated a white man or two doesn’t mean she doesn’t date black men…….

  • HF

    Whatz da deal? First, Sanaa lands herself a brutha and is content, now Kerry is making eyez @ Common like he’s in the Russian mob? Whatz next? Rosario Dawson finally acknowledging she’s black?

    Dang, this IS “Something new”!

  • persona

    I thought you all claimed kerry was lesbianic.


    If common is dating her he is a lucky dude. She is fine. DO YOUR THANG COMMON

  • La. Finest

    They would make a cute couple. Both attractive people doing well for themselves. Ray and The Last King of Scotland were breakout roles for her. All of Common albums are classic to me and a lot of others. So I can see why they have respect for one another.


    Why do black people always have to sound like y’all are retarded??

    Unlike the the OJs of the world, when someone has an interracial relationship, it doesn’t mean that they won’t date within their own race.

    At least KERRY never went to the media and talked about how BAD black men are unlike Wesley Snipes, taye Diggs, Charles Barkley, and all the other black women haters out there..

    KERRY & COMMON make a gorgeous couple!

  • Kensington

    All of this vitriol about interracial dating/couples make me sad for my daughter. I would have thought that all this hate and drama would be over (at least for us black folks) by the millenium.

    Women (SISTERS) have to choose the man that is good to them-to the man who is willing to be devoted to and work hard for us and our children. Full stop! If he is white, Latino, Asian, so be it!

  • LolaCola

    Hear Hear Kensington

  • AND...


    At least I’m not the only one. When black folks date out of their race we ‘BLACK FOLKS’ act like it’s a crime but then we wanna talk about equality and racism. How you gonna put down anybody let alone one of your own b/c of who she finds companionship with?

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