Hate It Or Love It??? Denzel Washington Is Fan Favorite To Play Jesus Christ According To Vanity Fair Poll!

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Denzel Washington Tops Poll List Of Actors That Could Play Jesus

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It’s fun to play armchair director, and tapping into that fantasy is exactly what Vanity Fair and “60 Minutes” did in a new online poll. They asked: “If you were directing a new film version of the New Testament, which actor would you cast to play Jesus?”

Denzel Washington was the winner, with 21 percent of people choosing him to play Jesus.

Listen, if Denzel were chosen to play Jesus in a flick Hollyweird would have a heart-attack, but the line to see the movie would be longer than the line to get gas in New Jersey right now!

Can you imagine how many people (especially black women) would flock to the theaters to get a look at Denzel playing the most powerful man in the world (sorry Barry O)?! The thought alone should give some ballsy producer or screenwriter cause to at LEAST consider it.

But we digress…

Check out the other (suspect) actors that ended up on this poll. Would you consider any of them for the role of Jesus? If not, who would you like to see instead??

Daniel Day-Lewis got 14% of the poll’s vote, he looks Jesus-y

“Who me? Play Jesus? Get the f**k outta here, youse guys are crazy.”

The legendary Al Pacino got 13% of the votes, he also has some Christ-like features.

Although some ladies would argue otherwise, to us, there is nothing Godly about Ryan Gosling. He got 11% of the votes.

“Shhhh” says Woody Allen, “Don’t tell my Jewish friends that I was on this list.”, 10% of the vote for him.

Philip Seymour Hoffman? Eh…least he’s got the beard thing down 3% of people think he is the chosen one.

Sidebar: 15% of the folks voting chose “none of them”

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