Must Be Crazy! The Most Expensive Celebrity Products They Actually Expected Us To Pay For!

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Expensive Celebrity Products

It’s easy for celebrities to waste money. They have just so much of it. So naturally they just think it’s okay to charge out the wazoo and overcharge for stuff us regular folks just can’t afford. Or if we can afford it, we probably shouldn’t be spending our hard-earned money on it anyway. But they still expect us to.

Let’s look at some ridiculous products celebrities wanted us to spend an arm and a leg on.

LeBron James – His new shoes are retailing for upwards of $300. 300 bucks!You can get a tug and pull at King Of Diamonds for that amount!

Kanye West – Yeezy sold his Air Yeezy’s for $300 and his Louie Vuitton shoes were damn near a thousand!

Rihanna – She has a new album that she’s charging $250 for the deluxe edition. Get outta here.

Oprah – She didn’t charge for tickets but she had people waiting years to get to her show. That’s just unreal.

Latrell Sprewell – He went on to sell those spinning rims…and they were expensive as hell. Whatever happened to those anyway?

OJ – He’s auctioning his bloody knife for $5 million. He serious with this?

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    Gwyneth Paltrow – She’s pushing a new clothing line with $900 shirts. You gonna cop those?

    Jay-Z – He had us all running to the liquor store to cop Ace of Spade. That was until we saw that huge price tag. No thanks.

    Olsen Twins – They recently designed a $39,000 handbag for people to buy. Who actually copped those?

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