Catch Up, Folks: Formerly Hot Trends That Only Losers Still Try To Follow

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Trends You Should Abandon

You know what trends and fads are? They’re passing trends that people abandon after they stop being cool. Most of us move on like normal people but others hold on to these fads wayyyy past their relevance. And what happens? They look like absolute tools. Don’t be that person.

We’re here to guide you to a few dead fads that you should have let die a long time ago.

Showing Your Drawls – Yeah sagging was something dumb we did in the 90s. Now it’s time to pull those damn pants up, junior.

Skinny Jeans –
Guys aren’t still stuffing their nuggets into tiny little denim are they? Are they?!

Dressing Like Cotdamn Starbursts – All those bright colors are ridiculous. You’re not cool enough to be a Diplomat.

Grills – There’s a community full of abandoned gold teeth that nobody wants anymore. Nobody except the loser with bad breath.

Big Rims – We just see cars with big rims in the street and chuckle uncontrollably.

Corn Rows – Cut that isht off, bruh.

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    MySpace – Stop tricking on Myspace. Nobody goes there anymore.

    Tall Tees – Grown men in kilts is only acceptable in Ireland.

    Bling – Nobody cares about your diamonds anymore.

    Du Rags In Public – Might as well wear your pajamas or rollers in public. Just get a nice haircut and let it ride.

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