Get It Together: Stars Who’ve Fallen Off That We Wish Could Make Comebacks

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Celebrities We Wish Would Come Back

Stars come. And they go. It’s the circle of life. And while most of the time we just let them pass by without really caring but sometimes we actually miss these wayward stars. It’s actually quite the shame, but these fallen off stars make us wish they were still around and being as famous as ever.

DMX – He would still be one of the coldest rappers in the world if he didn’t go to Crazytown and flip out. We wish he could sober up enough to still be dominant.

Vince Carter – He was the best dunker in NBA history. Now he’s all layups and struggle. We wish he could still ball.

Mya – Her music has totally fallen off. But goodness gracious those thighs are fantastic. We wish she was still making great music.

Ashanti – We liked Ashanti’s cakes and she had some jams. We wish they were still popping.

Lark Voorhies – We wish she was acting and getting herself right and not looking like a mime.

Will Smith – Okay, we know he hasn’t fallen off in most ways. But last weekend he rocked the crowd by rapping. We miss old school rap Will Smith. He was fun.

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    The Knicks – They’ve fallen completely off but basketball is better when the Knicks are relevant. We wish they were still popping. Maybe this year will be better.

    Christina Aguilera – We wish she was still fine as hell. Now she’s blubbery and sort of obnoxious.

    Janet Jackson – We need a new Janet Jackson album pronto! Come back, Janet.

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