Cold World: Oprah Winfrey’s “Homeless” Step Mother Calls Her A “Bully” For Selling The House She Lived In With Her Recently Divorced Father

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The free ride is over beyotch!

Oprah Winfrey’s Step-Mother Angry That She Is Being Forced To Move Out Of Ex-Husband’s Home

Via WSMV Nashville

Oprah Winfrey is making a big decision involving her father and his divorce by selling the Franklin home he and his wife lived in for more than 10 years.

But Oprah’s step-mother, Barbara Winfrey, is angry, claiming she’s being put out with nowhere to go.

An Oprah representative said Thursday she is selling the $1.4 million home because her father no longer lives there. And Oprah says she even offered Barbara Winfrey another home for free, but she doesn’t want it.

“Why should I be put out, other than the fact that you can do it? Because you’re a bully, and that’s what bullies do,” Barbara Winfrey said.

Vernon Winfrey no longer lives in the Laurel Brooke home, but his wife said all of his stuff remains in the home and he still comes by.

“T-shirts, underclothes, they’re still here,” Barbara Winfrey said.

Now before you get turnt up sayin’ “Oprah ain’t isht, how she gonna leave that woman with nowhere to go? That’s just triflin’, all that damn money she got, blah, blah, blah…”

Channel 4 has learned Barbara Winfrey has been offered a settlement to keep a 2004 Mercedes she co-owns and to live in a north Nashville home.

According to Oprah’s statement, “Barbara was offered to live in the north Nashville home free and clear, but chose not to accept it.”

“I have not made a decision yet. That’s my decision to make. It’s not someone else’s to make for me. My creditreputation has been destroyed, my credit has been destroyed. It’s worth more than a home in north Nashville and a car that has 101,000 miles on it,” Barbara Winfrey said.

That SOUNDS good, but we think we’ve figured out the REAL reason that Barbara doesn’t want to accept the settlement offer…

Barbara Winfrey said she and her husband owned nine other properties, and that is why she refuses to take just the car and home in north Nashville.

She also said accepting the settlement being offered means she gets no alimony.

“I’m not divorced from him. I’m divorcing. So, what I’m saying is, if you want me out, put me out after the divorce is final,” she said.

Barbara said “F**k that, I was married to all that money that man for 10 years, I’m gon’ get me a piece of that alimony pie”


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