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Peep your boy, Tracy Morgan, outside of the David Letterman Show. Dude is rather hilarious, but that bubble raincoat with the werewolf fur trim could have him at risk for being laughed at instead of with. Did you have to, chief?

A couple more pics for you when you pop the hood.

Images via WENN

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  • Re

    Reminds me of, “I can’t stand the rain.” Missy Elliott.

    Moreso reminds me of Hefty Co.

  • Talley-B


  • JOEY B

    tracy lookin pimpish!


    He reminds me of Re…..

  • Re

    And hustleman clearly resembles Nikki Underwood.


    *sips more Shiraz…fallin’ back…plottin’ on the next one-liner*

  • Re


    That’s what you get. We’re supposed to be tag teaming, not wrestlemania…


    OH!! Cause you stay starting without me….

    *insert sad face here*


    Tracy’s thoughts right now….

    ‘Yeah…Im bout to get someone pregnant riiiiiggggghhhhhhtttttt now…wearing nofin but dis coat’

  • Roe ski Love

    Since when did they start making patent leather coats?

  • Re

    *Thinking for a minute*

    …Okay, you’re right. I deserved that one.

  • Re

    @Roe Ski Love

    I forgot to thank you yesterday for the compliment 🙂


    Since when did they start making patent leather coats?

    …with rat trim….

  • Re

    Wolverine trimmings…


    ….Pigeon…not any Pigeon…a NYC one….

  • Re


    (that was a good one)

  • Nina Knows

    lol@ Re

    sooo he’s rocking designer Hefty now?

  • Re

    @Nina Knows

    I guess so! Smh…it probably makes lots of squeaky sounds as he walks…

  • HollaBack

    Hmmm… his hands are oh so very, very, very tiny…

  • pm

    is that 100% teddy bear around his next

  • Dizzy McElroy

    You people have no lives.

  • 2DamTrill

    hustleman……. LOL dat sh!t was hilarious!

    yeah that coat is wik wik wack!

  • 2DamTrill

    Nikki and Re, yall are killin me!! ahahahahahahahaHaha!!! wolverine, and dirty pigeons and rats oh my!

  • 2DamTrill

    that coat looks like they shaved a gorilla’s ass for the fur… lol

  • Roe ski Love

    @RE Your welcome. What happened to your gravy? It’s gone

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