Random Ridiculousness: Ciara’s New Look

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diva hopeful Ciara is in the news promoting her new album as well as her new self-inspired Super Hero, Supa C.:

Ciara has enlisted the help of a superhero for her forthcoming album FANTASY RIDE – after creating her own comic book character, SUPA C. The Goodies hitmaker, 23, is working with DC Comics to create the cover artwork for the album, inspired by the comic book classics she read as a kid. But she’s warned fans not to confuse her with the animated action figure. She [says], “Supa C is not my alter ego. Supa C is the star of my comic book and a big part of my album artwork. I have always been a huge fan of comic book illustrations as well as action super heroes, especially Batman and Spider-Man. “Creating my own comic book and character has always been something I’ve dreamed of doing.” Fantasy Ride is set for release next year.

Taking a page from Beyonce‘s book we see.. “Not my alter ego” – yeah right. This is the kind of simple ass foolery that professional suicide is made of. No pun intended here, but Ciara needs to go back to the drawing board this time and squash those plans to push this cornball comic book sh*t.


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  • Kay

    Ok…..First of all I can’t believe I am first…But second of all, Ciara’s career is official going down the drain!!!!!!!

  • sheree


  • Kay

    Well I see someone beat me to the first spot, but I guess being second is cool also……lol

  • sheree

    booo..i can never be first or second 😦

  • Coco Lndn

    this honestly looks really stupid. but a black female s-hero is a nice change.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Um…she looks better in real life.


    She is trying to switch it up.

  • MWNY

    Somebody got at that girl claiming she wanted to be Wonder Woman. I think this is a good idea. Go CICI

  • MWNY

    Oh well, Beyonce den copied off soo many people its not even funny. That girl don’t have an original bone in her body.


    Hmmmm…..that cartoon look-lika-dude.

  • pm

    Her powers are the ability to become invisible in the industry by blending in with all the other cute girls with no voices, she can teleport back two years ago when she was relevant. oh ya and can bounce her ass at 90 miles and hour to distract the public from her lack or talent.

  • snoop bloggy blog


  • And...

    1. It is an alter ego dummy.
    Clark Kent – Superman
    Bruce Banner – Incredible Hulk
    Ciara – Super C
    *I could go on with the names but I’m not.

    2. Although she’s naturally lean & muscular she’s turning into a boney bobblehead.

    3. Celebs just sh!t money away, why did she have to enlist DC Comics? What a waste. I’m sure whoever drew that made her pay a grip.

    4. She must have never played Nintendo…there was a game call Super C in the 90’s.

    5. She can slice it however she likes – she has created an alter ego and its not going to save her from her whack voice. She would make a great backup dancer….

    …maybe she should re-release Promise or Oh. Next thing you know it isn’t going to be Ciara doing ish, it’s going to be Supa C. Bish please.

    Grasping at straws…


  • Davina

    It’s official: the music industry is desperatly in lack of inspiration

  • soso


  • Makeup Queen


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


    I remember Super C…

    Anyway, you’re right, no matter how you put it, it’s an alter-ego…

  • And...

    @ Re…

    The real question is where are these celebs friends & voice of reason when they do these type of things?

    Maybe they don’t have any and want to stay in the game so bad they’ll do anything.

    No friends…just bad PR, yes men & people trying to get paid.

    If I ever start to fail at work I’m just going to change my name and see what happens. Then I’ll get the guy in graphics to draw a pic of me for me to post. We’ll see how it goes.

    New name…same ish.

  • iluvprada

    Okay…the only thing I want to say about using this idea is, I don’t like the choice of color for this CARTOON character!? I mean she anit that high yellow!! DAMN… come on now CiCi, you know you wrong!

  • thickems

    Now you want to talk about swagger jacking – She wasnt the first to have a cartoon character.

    But whatever !

  • cocoa49

    i still say she could be a good wonder woman….body wise

  • Nina Knows

    ROFL @ pm…. there you go!! THAT was funny.

    Goodmorning Re 🙂

  • dayg715

    beyonce jacked that whole “alter ego” BS from Janet Jackson’s “Damita Jo”.

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