Jesus Take The Wheel

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Lil Mama Daddy has explained the baby fit she wore to the VMA’s to MTV:

“The birth of hip-pop is more than just pop culture with the dancing and the singing and the rapping and the writing that I do,” she explained. “It’s that too, but it’s also my way of life.”

We think this is probably some sh*t she made up to explain this foolishness. Who cares about her baby fit, who was her date (rumored as her mother) at the VMA’s, she is really leanin’ on that 90’s T Boz look. SMH.

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  • MrsThreatt

    OMG, Is that her mom?!? lol!

  • ms. da-ish

    that’s her momma

  • MrsThreatt

    Say it ain’t so! Hot Ghetto Mess!

  • Shawn

    You should know that is her mother…

  • Akimbo

    I think her mom is cute (minus the hair); she looks like Janelle Monae at 40-50.

  • Mahogany

    Her Mom is pretty.

    They look like sisters.

    Now if we could pull her slowly away from the peroxide…………..I’m sure she’s gotta be weaned off of it. I know it’s addictive.

  • nono

    her momma aint too bad looking. just her style thats not on point

  • lainy


  • Jus Another Opinion

    She looks like her mom so you can’t put all the blame on her. For some odd reason her mom is kinda cute in a hoodrat way. No Offense! IF anything girl get to get up on some stake and potatoes fo sho. She is a little thin can’t we agree.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    For a second I was worried. I glad Im not the only onw who thinks her mom kinda cute in a hoodrat way. As far as I can see other agrree to…but on the real stop disssing old girl….she like 17 right, come on.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Typo…. steak and taters

  • La. Finest

    She didn’t just now say that this outfit represents the birth of hip hop, but to me its just a pile of purple sh*t. Her mom and Diddy mom must be from the same block.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    He mom looks like a crackhead straight outta Bedstuy Brooklyn tryin to look young! Hopeless!

  • cutemama007

    shes so pretti.

  • Seattle Slim

    Who is the girl next to her???


  • lt

    it is her mom

  • precious

    I WISH MY MOMMA WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marvin

    thats is callin confussion and get youself a stylist this aint the birth hip hop.

  • kelis

    her momma look like teairra mari

  • demeyez

    That is her mom.I’ve known her for years since she was livin in Fredrick Douglass Houses years back and BedStuy.Her mom is thin and wearing a wig ‘cuz she is a colon cancer survivor…shame on ya’ll.Before you criticize get your info right.People who are negative lack self esteem,so they have to rag on others to make themselves appear superior.

  • John

    Somebody got a jump on holloween!!!

  • Auntie


  • nuffsaid

    what the hell did she just say? my god, can none of these rappers putt a coherent sentence together? it’s pathetic!

  • educated sista

    Yall sound real big ripping on a 17yr old. Give her time, she’ll come into a more stylish and classy image as she progresses. I like Lil mama, Teyana Taylor, Tiffany, Keke Palmer, all the lil youngins with crazy talent bout to sit rihanna, ashanti, ciara down flat on they ass!

  • andie

    so that wasn’t her mom in the lip gloss video who handed her the magical lip gloss? damn.

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