Keep It In House: Celebrities Who Had Embarrassing Public Breakups

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Public Celebrity Breakups

Here’s how you break up with someone: shoot a text, phone call, email or smoke signal. Or go up to the person face-to-face and iron it out. Or work your schedule so you’re laid up in the buff with some other person in your significant other’s bed just when they get home to catch you. All of these options work.

You know what’s not the best way to do it? In public for the world to see. Nobody wants to be involved with a nasty public break up. It’s messy. But people do it anyway. Let’s look at the worst offenders.

Jennifer and Eric Williams – They basically divorced on reality TV. That’s not how marriages should roll.

Chris Brown and Karrueche – Their breakup came with a damn music video from Breezy. SMH.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan – They had a nasty Twitter spat after they broke up, but it got awkward when they ended up back together.

50 and Floyd – Wait…they’re not boo’d up? Well they sure broke up like they were.

Tiger and Elin – She beat him with a golf club and the whole thing was all over the news. Poor kids.

LeBron James – He crushed the whole city of Cleveland got dumped by LeBron for a damn TV special. The city of Cleveland are still crying.

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    Kelsey and Camille Grammer – Their drama played out via reality TV and they confirmed it on Twitter.

    Kris and Kim Kardashian – Another break up that played out via reality TV and a show that tried its best to make him look like the villain.

    Nene and Greg – Their divorce was official via Twitter but it sure was happening on TV before our eyes.

    Christina Milian and The Dream – Pictures of him and some random woman on the beach surfaced and she flipped out on Twitter announcing the divorce. Yup…it was that ugly.

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