Shaunie Wants Shaq Back

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Shaunie filed a response to Shaq’s divorce papers and says she doesn’t think their marriage is “irretrievably broken”. She also says in the petition she wasn’t hiding any stacks from Shaq. Check out Shaunie’s legal document via TMZ.

Shaq has been cheating for years, should he take Shaunie back?

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  • Sandy

    seems to me that these two are just sick of each other and looking for an excuse to get out of the marriage…

    Let him go gurl! You can find another him (dog) anywhere!

  • hey

    yes…if shaunie wants to contract the latest, greatest STD. oh and whiten your teeth shaq.

  • Will J. Powers

    Sounds like a stall tactic to me.. Hide dem stacks Shaunie


    Let SHAQ go boo and get with me. I’ll help you spend that MONEY!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$

  • duhh

    she’s dumb for wanting him back. i hope its a cheaper to keep him situation. hes a cheater, and he aint good looking, AT ALL. stack up on the maintenance, and child support and keep it moving. he’s wack.

  • Richard


    She obviously didn’t hide enough loot. Why is it chicks always cheer a woman on when she is dogging a man?

    And you wonder why we don’t want toget married.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    I think he should reconcile with his wife. He is not perfect. He need stop acting like a baby and understand that he has children to think about. Don’t worry about these sexist ass bloggers and worry about rebuilding your family. Yes she messed up but hell YOU DID TOO. Get some marriage counseling. Not to meantion you did get somebody else pregnant so stop acting like the victim suck it up be a family man. You have a wife that is willing to accept you back after you hit the jumpoff, she must really love you.

  • Richard

    Who says Shaq cheats? karrine Steffans wrote about Shaq BEFORE he was married.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    She fu*k up get over it. That is what women are told to do. As many times he has cheated he really has no merit to act all serious like this. A woman can only take so much. Listen to Bruce Bruce: “if you have 4 or 5 differnt women I could find something wrong with all of them. If you was taking care of yo woman YOU won’t have time for another damn woman.

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    she would defintiely be on an episode of when the checks stop coming… what does it matter if she was hiding stacks.. he’s droppin $10k in supa (HIV) head account….

  • Auntie

    Girl hang on in there, where else you gon’ find another Millionaire to take care of you and your kids!

  • mel


  • jazzyphile

    Shaq, you betta get a DNA on those kids. I’m just sayin’.

  • Justsayin

    I’m sorry, reading some of the female comments here, I have to say, Women are Idiots!!!! All this anything Shaq does, Shaunie should be able to do it as well bullshyt. Maybe in that carefully crafted feminist world a great many of you live, that maybe true, however, in the real world things don’t work that way.Here’s the deal, since you don’t do what he does( bring home millions of dollars, provide comfortably for you, the kids,your family),he is not bound by the same rules. Then you chicks are going to cheer this broad on after giving the diesels pu**y away, and stealing his sh*t! And ya’ll wonder why mutherph**kers don’t want to get married! I knew ya’ll had huge entitlement complexes, but it goes to show how little ya’ll understand men. Ain’t no real man going for that shyt. Now that her azz is busted, she and the rest of you clowns want to trot out the old preditable “what about the kids shyt?” Diesel, get rid of her azz, women are a dime for five or six dozens!

  • Richard



    That was really on point.

  • Richard

    Remember the Golden Rule people.

    He who has the gold makes the rules.



  • daria

    Shaq better act like he knows something and stay with his wife. That is an expensive divorce. They have four kids together. She doesn’t care if he cheats. Sit your ass down before she does a Juanita. Go to counseling and fix your marriage. Trust. A third to half your money is not worth this mess.

  • ilish

    @Just Sayin’

    Wait, so if a woman is the breadwinner than she gets to cheat with whoever she wants, and its the husband’s job to be faithful? Please, please respond to me. Cause this I have to hear.


    Shauni’s an accountant. From what I’ve seen, and I could be wrong,the black wives of black athletes that are in the media tend to be college educated and stuff. Shaunie knows how to manage money, and she probably didn’t sign anything before the wedding, that wouldn’t leave her very well compensated after the divorce. I’m starting to see why a rich athlete like Kobe would find Vanessa so appealing.

  • Kensington

    Even if the divorce goes through and there is a prenup, she’s still going to make out like crazy. At the very least they have to sell the family residence and split that- I understand it’s listed at 32 mil. And Shaq would never get custody of the kids because of his schedule. It is extremely difficult for a man to get even joint custody unless both parties agree.

  • Richard


    U think that only dumb women sign pr-nups?

    only dumb men fail to get one.

  • Baby Please

    Girl, go ‘head and get the dough. You betta stay. Fu*k it. He gon do what he gon do. And you will, too. Stay paid, chile.

  • ilish

    no, no richard, not at all. I never said that only dumb women sign pre-nups. I’m sure Shaunie did sign a pre-nup, but it seems as if Pistons is inferring that she won’t have a pot to piss in, should they divorce, and I’m saying that Shaunie’s seems like a sharp tack, and she wouldn’t sign anything that would jerk her in the end. It’s foolish for anyone with wealth, male or female to marry without a pre-nup. But prenup doesn’t mean that the poorer party before marriage will leave the marriage without any wealth.

  • Richard

    @ Jus Another Opinion

    Please read Pre-nup.

    So many lazy women want to get married so they can be SECURE/lazy.

    You are only as secure as the work you put in your relationship.

  • Miss PW

    So….Shaq plays ball. Because he does his job well, he receives a paycheck. Pretty simple concept: do a job and get compensated.

    Shaunie may not be employed, but while Shaq is away, who was it making sure that “his” bills were paid, so he could come home to his $32 mil. house? who made sure that the house stayed in order, so that random folks weren;t walking in that bad boy when they delt like it? When Shaq was working for his paycheck, who fed, raised, and took care of his kids? Who worked behind the scenes to make sure that Shaq’s personal life was in order when he stepped off the court?

    I believe that was his wife…Shaunie.

    So you’re saying that absolutely NONE of that money belongs to her? Being a wife/mother Is a full-time job! Doggone right she deserves to have half that income!

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