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Deion Sanders, Warren Sapp And More Athletes Filmed Sex With Heather Clem

Earlier this month we reported Hulk Hogan’s supposed freaky flick with his BFF Bubba’s wife Heather Clem. Now it looks like more ballers have been allegedly filmed chopping down the married busty Becky too.

Via Gawker reports:

A man who called himself “Jim Janerro” says he more footage of Bubba’s wife getting it on in the same bedroom with numerous other partners, including other scenes with her and Hogan. He said there were “lots of black guys” involved, too. “Jim” claimed he found the tapes in a box of promotional DVDs he purchased at the annual Bubba Army Garage Sale last year.

However, two other sources claimed that Hogan wasn’t the only celebrity caught on camera with Bubba’s ex and that it could potentially cause major embarrassment for a few other minor celebrities. Here are a few names rumored to also be taking a ride on Mrs. Love Sponge:

Deion Sanders, former NFL player, terrible hip-hop impresario
Tony Stewart, NASCAR driver
Aubrey Huff, former MLB player
Warren Sapp, former NFL player
“Some major broadcasting guy”
“One of Bubba’s lawyers”

To add more fuel to the freaky flame, someone outed the thirstbucket’s groupie tales on Twitter:

Hulkmania ain’t the only thing to run wild on this broad. This broad was taking it from all angles from the ENTIRE sports world. Damn, at the rate she was getting it in she deserves to get a pension.



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