Florida Crazies: 106-Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaulted With A “Battery Operated Boyfriend” By Shady Female Caregiver!

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106-Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaulted By Caregiver With Adult Pleasure Toy

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An 106 year-old woman was sexually assaulted by her female caregiver. On Monday, the caregiver was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

The Pensacola Police Department reported that Taquita Lashay Watson was an in-home care giver for the bedridden woman. Police detectives have determined that Watson, 29 “used a sexual instrument” on the woman.

The statement made by police officers revealed that the investigation into Watson’s actions is still on-going “to determine if anyone else may have been victimized.” Watson has worked with the elderly for eight years and currently employed by Interim HealthCare.

The alleged assault took place on October 26 and the victim told police that Taquita Watson assaulted her “with a six-inch ‘peter’ that she removed from her purse along with a jar of Vaseline. Police described the victim as having “no known mental health issues and her mental capacity appeared to be fine.”

The victim described the assault to police officers. She stated that Watson “pulled her pants and diaper down and told her that this ‘would make her feel good.’” Watson then tried to assault her with the sex toy when the victim indicated she screamed at Watson to stop. That’s when Watson told the victim that, “all the old people like it and it makes them feel good.”

You cannot be f**king serious!

B-b-but wait, it gets worse…

According to the victim, she began bleeding from her vagina and Taquita Watson spewed profanity at her and said, “I’ll get it in next time”. Watson warned the victim not to tell anyone or “I will hurt you.”

After the sexual assault, the victim was evaluated at the hospital and her sexual assault kit revealed “obvious signs of trauma” to her vagina. Taquita Watson has been charged with sexual assault and booked into the Escambia County Jail in lieu of $25,000.

“I’ll get it in next time”??? “All the old people like it and it makes them feel good.”?!?! Get this sick beyotch ALL the way the f**k outta here!


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