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Lupe Fiasco has been ranting and raving ever since he forgot the words to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation” at VH1 Hip Hop Honors. He says that Tribe has not been a big influence on hip hop:

“[Tribe] didn’t sell 10 million records, so why would people think they had a blanket on the world like that? MC Hammer was way more popular to me than Tribe Called Quest.”

“Because there’s kids in Harlem who right now who would never ever listen to Midnight Marauders, I don’t give a f*ck what you do, they’ll never listen to Q-Tip and they want to be rappers and they want to talk about positive things. So why would you shoot them down?”

“It’s like, ‘Oh, you ain’t never listened to Midnight Marauders? You ain’t expanding your horizons? Oh, you ain’t real’ cause they did that sh*t to me! ‘Oh Lupe, that’s f*cked up man, I don’t f*ck with you now! I’m not buying your next album’ and be dead serious! It made me feel like, ‘You dirty bastards! Like how dare you hypocritical.”

“Those hip hop elitists who think [Tribe] hold the crown and the copyright to hip hop, I listen to 8Ball & MJG and I think they’re better than you [Tribe].”

We sniff a “beefing for publicity” stunt on Lupe’s part. Nothing like some healthy “hip hop beef” to boost your ratings.


The clip of Lupe’s word fumble right about now…

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  • Lisa

    first! he sounds so ignorant. HE’s NOT popular!!!! He doesn’t sell any records.

  • Lisa

    That’s why he hasn’t blown up. He doesn’t study the greats.

  • logic

    That’s real gay on Lupe’s part. He sounds like a female. (and that’s bad coming from a woman)

  • Jelani3000

    Lupe just lost huge kewl points ust now, i guess that shows his age though.

  • Sam I AM

    i hope he’s kidding…

  • Not You

    That’s what’s wrong with hip hop now. Just downright disrespectful. If he didn’t think Tribe (one of the greatest hip hop acts of all time) was worth the trouble, why did he agree to perform???

    He has lost mad cool points. He should have just apologized and kept it moving.

    I have all Tribe’s CDs. Too bad there aren’t a dozen more groups just like them out there today…

  • Bahama Mama

    SMH, lupe why boo boo. wile every1 is entitled to their opinion. That was disrespectful they are still hip hop elders…

  • Not You


    Pride goeth before a fall, Lupe.

  • DivaB

    YES, I smell a PR stunt too.. Controversy sells.. wow..Lupe!

  • 504okaay


  • shoog

    I’m hoping this is a misprint. I love Lupe to death he is one of the most real rappers out there right now. Still in yet I can’t ride with him on disrespecting A tribe called Quest. They are definitely hip hop legends. I use Lupe as an example of Hip Hop still being alive but if he has fallen into the trap that Selling Records=Legend status he is just like every other fake rapper out there.

  • Notch

    Lupe shut ur boney ass up!

    Y would u disrespect such a classic group because your dumb behind couldnt remember your lines??

    I swear people never take responsibility for their actions anymore

  • Ttime

    Grow up, Lupe!!! A real man can own up to and accept his mistakes. Like the others, I have lost ALL respect. I am in total agreement with the person who says, does he think that he is RELEVANT in rap music?

    His music is conscious,yes, but he fails to sell any records. Tribe sold MORE during their career than he will likely sell in his ENTIRE career.

    He is not relevant enough to have beef with INOVATORS in rap music.

  • http://www.hottnikz.blogspot.com hottnikz aka kizzy

    ATCQ is my favorite Hip Hop group of all time(besides PE).Midnight Marauders was a classic album and I’m shocked he didn’t listen to it until recently. He’s entitled to his own opininon of course, but just because it didn’t sell 10 million records doesn’t mean that it wasn’t influencial. He’s just mad because he effed up the song and peeps are dogging him. To be honest I’m mad too, and if he felt like this then why did he perform the song? Those other people who did the Tribe tribute really had an appreciation for the ledgends,and he should have fell back. I’m sure Mos Def or Talib Kweli would have filled those shoes better anyway. 8-Ball & MJG is cool, but are they better than Tribe…well that’s a matter of opinion.I still like Lupe but I see he still has some more maturing to do. Hopefully he won’t keep saying things to turn me off.

  • mjb

    For that stupid @$$ comment he get’s 10 minutes deducted from his 15 minutes of fame. ATCQ Forever!

  • HF

    The Low End Theory should b advanced curriculum 4 any up-and-comin wannabe, uncluding Lupe-is-a-fiasco. Thatz sum punk out bull$**+ 4 real.



  • HF

    charcharbinks, u need to run, not walk and get The Low End Theory.

    Excursions, Jazz (We got), Date Rape, What, Skypager….ALL examples of how hip-hop should b done! Intellegent rhymes with verbal virtuosity is their steez.

    “My man Ron Carter…..on da bass!”

    “Bootleggas sellin’ my $**+ 4 $5.99?”

    “What is a compound without an element?”

    2 many classic one-liners to count! U can get that $**+ now and thank me lata.

    Q-Tip and Fife Dawg 4eva!

  • Aurora

    Ahem…I’ll take Electric Relaxation over Kick Push any day.

    Go sit down Lupe.

  • HF

    Best line eva:

    “Yesterday ur eyez were brown but today they r blue!”


  • hptjones

    I really hope Lupe really did not say those things, that really doesnt sound like Lupe to me, I hope it isnt, if it is ol dude is willin out, how dare anyone not say Tribe was not a huge influence, if it wasnt for Tribe he would not be around.

  • pizzla

    Dang Lupe…even I know the words to Electric Relaxation and I’m wasn’t into Tribe like that back then (even though I have super respect for them). YOU forgot the words, just say my bad…but don’t try to shift the focus to the number of albums Tribe sold. Bottom line, they’re influencial hip hop group – they’ve paved the way for the likes of you – which is why YOU chose to perform the song in honor of them. And you messed it up…

    Sheesh – and I used to ride hard for you Lupe till you said this foolishness….

  • Madame Zenobia

    I’m surprised by this. How can he like downplay “Midnight Marauders” given the type of material HE creates? C’mon! 8Ball & MJG were good, but damn, Tribe Called Quest is QUINTESSCENTIAL (sp?) for hip hop! LOL

  • ATQC forever

    @ MsDade305, it takes a fool from the 305 to not get ATCQ. ATQC came out with quite a few good albums, not just one. Listening to their albums should be a prerequsite to any so-called hip hop head. That’s ok you’re forgiven because you don’t know any better. As a matter of fact you don’t no nan. Tell Trick Daddy & Trina I said what’s up,lol.

  • shiiima

    This is soooo wrong. You see how Media is **** up!!!

    Nobody know the whole story….what really happned.

    This is real “he say …she say” story… totally.

    Probably Lupe reading this story like “what the F***????”… trust me.

  • hottnikz

    This was an interview with Vibe.com. There is a thing called liable that people get sued for, so I doubt if the quotes are untrue. Get over it, we now have a new perspective on him.

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