ChitChatter: Nicole Jizzfinger Says She And Her Race Car Drivin’ Boo Thang Aren’t Attention Slores Like KimYe!

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. Last we checked Ms. Pu$$ycat Face hasn’t exactly been running from the paps. Nicole Scherzinger is apparently relevant in the UK, where Marie Claire has chosen her as their December cover girl.

Inside the mag she runs her mouth about her race car driving boo thang and how they like to play it low-key and stay out of the limelight. Yeah right.

Via UK Daily Mail:

Their on/off romance has captivated fans since they started dating four years ago.

But despite her public support for boyfriend Lewis Hamilton at some of his Formula 1 races, Nicole Scherzinger insists they are far from a ‘celebrity couple’.

As she poses in a striking photoshoot for the December issue of Marie Claire UK magazine, the X Factor judge admits she’s content for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to steal their spotlight.

She tells the women’s glossy: ‘I know there are a lot of relationships who, you know… Take Kanye and Kim – well, they’re perfect for the cameras. Lewis and I are a bit more subdued.’

With Lewis based in Monaco and travelling around the world for the Grand Prix and Nicole splitting her time between LA and London, they don’t get to spend much time together.

However, Nicole insists: ‘Lewis and I are a team and we’re really there for each other, and the time we spend together I do cherish. It’s separate from everything else.’

Nicole also addressed her friendship with controversial singer Chris Brown.

The singer was forced to publicly deny accusations they were ‘kissing’ in a Hollywood nightclub in September, insisting they were just leaning in to hear each other talk over the loud music.

She explains: ‘I went to a club with my friend,, and talked to my friend, Chris. They got those pictures and now everyone thinks one thing and it’s not the truth. It makes you feel like you can’t do anything.’

Despite Chris’s controversial standing in the public eye after he assaulted girlfriend Rihanna, Nicole remains friends with him.

She said: ‘I’ve known Chris since he started in the business. He’s like a little brother [to me]. He’s one of the most talented people in the industry.’

Meanwhile, Nicole admits she’s in no rush to start a family, despite acknowledging her age.

She told the magazine: ‘I’m not getting any younger.

‘I don’t want to have kids now, though. When I’m a mum, I’m not going to be one of those mums who has nannies. Actually, I might have nannies – never say never – but I’m not having someone else raise my kids. I think five years might be a good time to look at having children, but I think whenever it’s meant to happen is when it will happen.

‘I see lots of women having beautiful children later in life now. And, if not, just freeze your eggs.’

Anybody else thing she’s hatin’ on Kimmy Cakes? She really needs to stop. They have so much in common. Vapid personalities and last names longer than a lil bit.


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