Wrap It Up: California Voters Approve Law That Mandates Freak Flick “Workers” To Wear Condoms During All “Performances”

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California Voters Approve Measure B That Forces Sex Workers To Wear Condoms

Via LA Times

A measure that would require porn performers to wear condoms while filming in Los Angeles County was approved by voters.

The measure garnered 55.9% of the vote after a hard-fought campaign,

“This is a major referendum on the subject of safer sex,” said AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein.

The measure is sponsored by the foundation, which has been pushing for years to protect adult-film performers from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Under the measure, the cost of the law would be paid for by porn producers, who would have to purchase a public health permit, much like tattoo parlors. Violators would be subject to fines and misdemeanor criminal charges.

It is said that most freak flick producers don’t like condoms in their films because the audience is turned off by them (ironic as that may seem).

Weinstein said the question now is whether the adult-film industry and the county government will cooperate.

“We have shown our resolve that we are not going to give up on this issue,” he said. “Now that the people have spoken so overwhelmingly, it is the responsibility for the Board of Supervisors and the county Health Department to act immediately to enforce this law.”

Supporters of Measure B cast the issue as one that would protect worker safety — like requiring construction workers to wear hard hats and help keep the public safer from disease.

That’s a fitting analogy. Condoms are, in essence, “hard hats”.

As a consumer, do you have a problem with seeing condoms in your freaky-deekey free-time flicks??

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