Mother Of Columbine Shooter Speaks Out 13 Years Later – “I Prayed That He Would Be Killed Before He Hurt Anyone Else”

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Mother Of Columbine Shooter Speaks Out 13 Years Later

The mother of one of the two high school students who took the lives of 13 people in Columbine, Colorado in 1999 before turning the guns on themselves is speaking out thirteen years later.

She speaks out through author Andrew Solomon, who has been profiling the family of Colombine shooter Dylan Klebold for several years to gain insight for a recently released book entitled “Far From The Tree,” which examines how families of troubled children cope.

Solomon appeared on the Today Show this morning and recanted a few of his conversations with Dylan’s mother, revealing this sentiment when he asked how she felt on that fateful day in 1999:

“Once I realized that Dylan was the one doing the killing, I had to pray that he got killed before he hurt any more people. But I wanted it to be his decision. So I was glad that he was the one to do it.”

She also shared that she’s reached out several times to the victims of her son’s terrible act of violence because she felt that she shared a common ground with them having lost a child:

“They thought that I couldn’t relate because my child’s life was somehow of less value because he was one of the shooters and not one of the victims. But I lost my child too, just as they lost theirs.

As a mother, while I recognize that for the world, it may have been better if Dylan had not been born; it would not have been better for me.”

Do you think her sentiments as a mother are understandable?

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