In White Folks News: Robert Pattinson Claps Back Over Kristen Stewart Question – “Is It In Your Contract To Ask That?”

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Robert Pattinson Gets Annoyed Over Kristen Stewart Question

Yesterday, Hollyweird actress Kristen Stewart hit up The Today Show to answer questions about her new film and was finally forced to face the question she’d been avoiding for months about her relationship status with the boo-thang she dirty-dogged earlier this summer.

One day later, the other half of the on and off-screen lovers returned to the show and was put on the spot with the same question….but he wasn’t having it.

When host Savannah Guntherie put Robert Pattinson on blast, telling him Kristen’s response to the question of their relationship status and then asked him to answer, he replied:

“You know, it’s a funny thing. Whenever I get asked that question, I think: who REALLY wants to know? I mean is that like in your contract to ask?”

When she jokingly replied that it was in her contract and then asked if he got annoyed being asked “personal” things like that, he replied:

“Is it personal? It doesn’t have to be. I mean it’s only personal if you answer it.”

Sounds to us like these two might be done but trying to save face for the sake of promoting the movie. But then again, maybe Rob really is stil thirstin’ for that trampire twat.

Check out Kristen’s answer to the burning question here.

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