Chit Chatter: Rapper The Game Says Cheating Men Should Be Accepted But Cheating Women Should Expect To Be Dumped And Called Hoes

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The Game Admits To Having Double Standards About Women Cheating On Men

Rapper The Game has been known to talk out of the side of his neck on more than one occasion, but his latest rambling might just prove to be the most baffling, especially since he has a reality show in the works set to be centered around his “engagement” to long-time fiance Tiffany Cambridge.

In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, he sounds a whole more like a dude itching to end up on don’t date him than marriage material ready to walk down the aisle, openly asserting that women should expected men to cheat, but if his fiance ever cheated, he’d have no problems kicking her to the curb.

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During a recent visit to Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Game explained that he and host Charlemagne share the same belief that all men cheat and women should accept it and let them have multiple wives.

“I think that would be great. It would make it easier for women,” said Game. “The truth is every man cheats: fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart men. It doesn’t matter.”
However, Game would not reveal whether he has ever cheated on Cambridge.

“I’m not going to throw myself under the bus on this highly syndicated radio show, but every man cheats,” said Game. “A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.”

However, Game admits that infidelity was part of the reason why he and Cambridge initially called off their engagement.

But, there is one catch to Game’s beliefs about cheating: only men get that privilege. According to Game, if a woman cheats, she should expect to be dumped and be called a “h*e.”

“You’ll get called ‘that word,’” said Game, who claimed he would dump Cambridge if she cheated on him. “I would never understand. You know the balance. It’s over with. That’s how it goes.”

Now of course, we wouldn’t doubt that this is all a thirst-plot to generate some interest in the show, but these are still some pretty big statements to make.

What say you Bossip fam? Is there any truth to what he’s saying?

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