Kissers And Tellers: Celebrities You Don’t Want To Chop Down If You’re Trying To Keep It Secret!

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Celebrities That Blab About Their Relationships

With the paparazzi breathing down every celebrity’s neck, it’s almost impossible to have a secret affair. Cameras flash and boom a tryst is exposed to the world. So it’s hard enough to get it on in private. But you know what makes it worst? When celebrities take it upon themselves to blab about their secret relationships for the world to see. It’s never a good idea.

SMH…let’s look at these loose lipped celebrities and how they should have stayed quiet.

Lil Wayne – If he chops you down, then he’s putting you in a song. He blabbed about Tammy Torres and even Superhead.

Superhead – She wrote a damn book about her conquests so that’s that.

Joe Budden – Not only is he going to throw you on Instagram, he’s also going to write a song about it.

The Game – He’ll namedrop you in a minute. Remember when he put video vixens on blast back in the day? No shame.

Tupac – He blabbed about an alleged relationship with Faith Evans that got a nasty feud going.

50 Cent – If he even gets a whiff of your goods, he’ll put it on twitter and have pics. Maybe he’s just trying to brag. Who knows.

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    Drake – He’s another one that’s down to tell you about the women in his life. He’ll name them all the time. Kinda like a chick.

    Kat Stacks – Need we say more?

    Draya – Oh, she’ll put you on blast if she has to and it’s usually quite hilarious.

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