Twitter Files: Are Evelyn And Chad E-Flirting On Twitter With Childish Code??

- By Bossip Staff

Head-butting aside, these two are perfect for each other…

Evelyn Lozada And Chad Ochocinco Using Code To Flirt Over Twitter

Since Evelyn decided to lift the restraining order against her ex-husband Chad Johnson, the two are legally allowed to communicate freely in public. Now in the court of public opinion, Evelyn would probably incur the same wrath as Rihanna is if she were ever to decide to rekindle a relationship with Chad, even if it were just a genuine friendship.

That said, perhaps that is why Ev and Chad are trying to keep whatever the hell it is they have on the d-low, but as always the tweets are watchin’.

At 3:44pm Nov. 7 Ev sent out this Tweet.

Four minutes later…

Then, the next day (almost around the same time), Evelyn used the cryptic emoji icon again in response to a tweet she got from a student in a college class that Chad was Skyping with.

This could be absolutely nothing, but knowing how adolescent these two can be, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were playing a lil’ game with each other.

After a some time has passed, would you still throw Evelyn under the bus if she let Chad back inside her…life?

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