Fox News Puts Mittens Voters On Blast When They Use A Dumb Azz Graph To Make Their ‘Point’

- By Bossip Staff

Fox News was trying to make a good point and you know…it backfired all up in their self-righteous faces!

According to HappyPlace, the image came from data collected on Fox Business:

Reader Kenny F. sent us this startling infographic sure to infuriate exactly half of our audience. Apparently this election was not only divided along racial and financial lines, but on intelligence lines as well. Our favorite thing about this graphic is that the data Kenny used came from Fox Business, so if you’re a Romney voter, this is basically Neil Cavuto accidentally calling you an idiot. Of course, Nevada voted for Obama despite being one of the least educated states, but we can probably chalk that up to the fact that he was the safest bet.

Good to know the right is wrong…again.

Images via tumblr

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