Catch Fade: Watch “Phoenix Jones” (Black Superhero) Knockout Racist White Boy In Front Of Cops After Obama Wins Election! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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Did you know Washington State is a “mutual combat” state? So, you can fight right in front of the police like “Phoenix” is doing here!

Fast Forward to 6 Min mark

“Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop and Westlake Drake are on a routine patrol of the University District when they come across a man yelling at a car. The suspect, out side of the car in the orange shirt, starts punching the window of the car scaring the passengers of the vehicle. Phoenix steps in, stops the assault while Red calls 911. The suspect in orange then changes his target to Phoenix and begins using racial slurs. After 8 minutes of trying to de-escalate the situation the cops arrive (this is a the 2:32 mark of your condensed video). Phoenix Jones tells the officer that he would like to leave and would like a police escort to the team’s car. The cop agrees and then the suspect in orange says “F**k you ni**er! I’ll bring this to your house!” At this point Phoenix agrees to mutual combat, the two shake hands and the fight commences. Right before Phoenix knocks out the suspect in orange, the suspect says “You know you don’t want none of this”. His friends confuse this with him trying to stop the fight and begin another verbal attack on Phoenix.” – P

Big fans of Phoenix Jones… that white boy should have looked up Phoenix first, then he would’ve known he’s a trained MMA fighter. SMH…


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