Salt-N-Pepa Show Spoilers

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

There was a viewing of the first episode of everyone’s favorite 80’s/early 90’s girl rap duo’s new reality show. We hear that Salt admits to being bulimic while in the group, but is okay now. She states she was “tired of throwing up.”

That is very sad, but it’s good to hear that she has overcome that eating disorder. Now all they have to do is admit to those new schnozes they are sportin (especially Pep) and all will be fine.

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  • 504okaay


  • Naw Son

    Awww another up chuck artist

  • saucefry

    luv Salt-n-Pepa—they bring back some good memories

  • NoWAY

    LMAO them schnozez sure are remixed. lol

  • NoWAY

    Look at Spinderellas bra strap in the picture. LMAO. I used to like them but looking back they sure were a bunch of chickheads.

  • NoWAY

    I meant chickenheads

  • drew

    damn Pep looks like a Drag queen with her new face and why did salt get a nose job …they both were hot butttt

  • Lele

    They both are some beautiful sistah’s hope the nose job comment isn’t true but then again everybody in Hollywood gets a nose job. Didn’t know Salt used to eat then throw up that’s crazy.. She looks alot better now anyway.

  • Mahogany

    I can’t wait to see their show.!!!

    Salt does look much better now than she did then.

    I guess that’s why her skin always looked pasty.

    Pepa looks like a long lost Jackson w/ that nose.

    They’re still the flyest girl group defunct or not.

  • Traycee

    I’m mad that Pepa looks like Letoya Jackson!

  • kelis

    Salt and Spin are looking great. Pepa on the other hand… always looks like a man to me.

  • NoWAY

    Salt had a nose job back in the day and a new nose job for this are. She used to look like a duck.

  • Who Cares

    No what they really need to do is explain why Spin is being treated worse than a red headed step child. Like it or not Salt, she was a part of the group. To pretend that she wasn’t is just plain ignorant.

  • NoWAY

    ^^^ They said Spins under arms stink worse than Beyonce, and they did not wna to change the name to Salt Pepa and funk so Spins out. Oh well.

  • FiyahCrotch

    Wow, they are wearing way too much makeup now and Salts’ foundation is the wrong color for her skintone!

  • hottnikz

    Salt looks a flaming hot mess, like she’s had more than a nose job. Spin gets treated like a step child because she was just filler. She was a fake DJ.The original Spinderella really knew how to “spin”, were this Spin just smiles and fakes the funk.They should have kept the original. This Spin might have spit one lyric in her life (Whatta Man),lol.

  • gnice

    ummm…ill be watchiin 2

  • AnDaRah

    People!! Remember these ladies are damn near 40 if they’re not already. They have to complete with the Beyonces and Rihannas, sooo…let them do what they have to do to enjoy their last 15 minutes of fame!!

  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    I think they’d both do themselves a HUGE favor by laying off the weave, and leaving off the multiple levels of foundation. Salt use to rock that short do, know all the weave makes her look extremely old, matronly, and haggard. And Pep… well uh… Pep should disarm, meaning, lose the tranny look period and go for a total transformation — a softer look. I will watch the show though… can’t be no worse than Rock of Love!!! LOL!!

  • hotgal 07'

    Pepa looks over done Salt n Spin still looks good

  • http://yahoo frederick d. young

    love me some Salt n Pepa. They still look good. Don’t like the promo shot above bot in the other pics and in the show they look great. Also met them three times in person and they are even more beautiful and natural in person. okay HATERS LET IT REST. Its ashame that all yall are so miserable and unhappy with yourselves that you resort to trash talking on the internet about people who have much more MONEY THAN YOU, much more SUCCESS THAN YOU and probably look WAY BETTER THAN YOU. Black people can be so evil some times thats way I dont deal with yall. This brotha takes vacations in far off places just to get away from all the playa hatin. YALL PROBABLY THE SAME ONES THAT WAS HATIN ON JILL SCOTT. At least yall got her to make a hit song about yall. DO YOU FEEL VALIDATED NOW????????let it rest.

  • love

    Her outside has changed but she sounds and acts like the same hip hop diva that was and is one of the founding musicians. It doesn’t matter if your black or white, its a shame when a beautiful, talented, powerful woman like Pep goes to the drastic extreme (as believing she needed to fix her nose) of altering her beautiful face. I’m still a fan, and she’s only human, I just hope to hear some new music from her and not see her become another casualty of Hollywood and the industry. I’m a young, female Caucasian. I only mention it because music knows no color. Music genres don’t belong to one race or culture. It is an audible work of art that can unite and heal.

  • ~*Jessielala*~

    Salt n Pepa look good! Stop hatin on them!

  • Daniel

    They look nasty with all that plastic surgery. Pepa looks like a man more then she ever did! No wonder why she has men problems. Stop going under the knife and just be happy the way you are.

  • angeliq

    pepa’s rack look like its about to suffocate her. why dee dee never got dat cockeye of hers fixed? dammmit, she gets child support money from kenny anderson and she made loot wit salt & pepa. fix yo damn eye! lmaoo. cheryl still looks halfway ok.

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