Florida Crazies: School Bus Monitor Caught On Camera Choking An Austic Boy For Wetting His Pants! [Video]

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Why the hell are grown azz people always torturing these kids nowadays?!

Florida School Bus Monitor Caught Choking An Austic Boy

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A Florida bus monitor is facing child abuse charges for choking and tormenting an autistic boy who wet his pants during a trip home from school last month.

Broward County school-bus assistant Darryl Blue was caught on surveillance camera on Oct. 9 yanking on teen Moises Mancebo’s protective harness from behind, causing the boy to howl in pain, south Florida’s Sun Sentinel newspaper reported.

In the video, the boy repeatedly wails, “Ow, you’re hurting me,” and reaches behind his head to try to stop Blue.

“Don’t put your hands on me,” Blue says at one point.

The assault, which officials say took place during the entire 45-minute ride from the boy’s Fort Lauderdale school to his home in Deerfield Beach, left bruises and scrapes on Mancebo’s neck, his mother said.

The Westglades middle schooler rides a bus for special needs children and wears the harness to keep him safe.

What a piece of isht THIS guy is…

His mother said he was traumatized by the incident and no longer wants to go to school.

“He can’t sleep, he’s acting out, he’s afraid, he’s afraid of me,” Bertis Paulino told the Sun Sentinel. “Sometimes I come up to him and he (raises his arms in fear) like I’m going to hit him.”
Paulino said she also wants the bus driver to be charged.

In the video, driver Chelsi Edwards can be heard scolding the boy for wetting his pants and cackling while Blue allegedly abused him.

Blue was charged with aggravated child abuse, the Sun Sentinel reported.

He was arrested on Wednesday and released from the Broward County Jail on Thursday after paying $7,500 bond.

Ok, so the boy wet his pants. He didn’t pee ON anyone, didn’t appear to be causing a problem, but even if he WAS there was definitely a better way to handle the situation.

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