Keyshia Cole Wants a Family

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole wants to have a family sooner rather than later:

The hardest part of my career has been working really hard, seeing everybody else’s life, family, and not being able to spend time with family. That’s the hardest part,” Keyshia admits, before getting even deeper, “so I don’t get to do all that. It’s just not being able to spend as much time with my family, [but] not to have a family of my own.”

But with the type of success that Keyshia’s enjoyed over the last few years, there is a sacrifice that is made–that being when a woman’s career takes front and center in her life, family quite often takes a backseat. That’s just the way it is.

Awww…that poor thang wants some BeBe kids of her own. We wonder if there are any fellas willing to help her out with that…


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  • Joey Bishop


  • Just Jess


  • Joey Bishop

    i’ll help her start one!


    I hope they dont turn out like the one she has now…

  • gotfreckles

    If she’s smart she’ll do a Tamia and get with someone who has guaranteed long Money. We all know singing money don’t pay off for a very long time…

  • Jewish Baby

    who want start a family with her? she’s just a hood rat with a makeover?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Has Keyshia Cole as the mother of my children?

    Uhh no

  • ShavonDenise

    She’s young. She needs to chill because people rush into stuff just to keep up with others and dont be happy. I believe most people that dont have kids and that arent married want to be both but you must find inner happiness and realize that your life isnt defined by it. I like that Beyonce says that she isnt ready to have kids because it means that she is being honest and not being pressured to have any by her man. And even if he was pressuring her she’s not bending. I think as women we tend to believe that we arent truly women until we are married with a kid but we need to find our happiness inside because at the end of the day thats all you have, yourself.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    I’d split it


    HA! She wants ANOTHER family! LOL!

  • Mkop

    I think its a good thing that she wants to start a family…and if anyone has seen the show they would know that she want to be married first…to actually have a family…and to me there is nothing more beautiful then a black family

  • PREGG0 |10 m0re dayz| i L0VE HiS BiG EG0

    i THiNK SHE WUd BE A G00d MOM…

  • grillfixer


  • PREGG0 |10 m0re dayz| i L0VE HiS BiG EG0


  • laila ivory

    Dont even answer this jewish baby person… just on here to start mess.. ignore!

  • Juancito

    She wants a family? I can help her with that!lol

  • Juancito


  • MS k

    Keyshia Cole is the most humble, 4 real chic in the game.She can’t sing worth a damn live, but she is sooooooooooooooooo nice that you totally look over that.I would love to meet her.

  • Nina Knows

    Damn what’s wrong with this grown ass woman wanting to have kids?

    I think it’s wonderful she wants to have a family of her own, and take care of someone actually worthy of it for a change.

  • Sit yo five dollar behind down before I make some change ( Immma A Diva!!!)

    Who says you need a marriage to want to start a family? Hmmm maybe she will visit a sperm bank or two…lol

  • ATLBlogger

    I mean you got 2 dogs that you treat as if they are your children, so…… 🙂

  • MissBlaze43

    If she does, she’ll need a certain type of man to deal with all the baggage she has. She’s so enthralled with everybody else that if she doesn’t concentrate on herself she’ll be 40 before she knows it – and still won’t have no man or kids to call her own.

    What happened to that man from last season who told her to stop spending so much money on her damn family before SHE ends up broke. I see they got rid of him with the quickness.

    Some people just don’t like to hear the truth!

  • daughtercreole

    Kids in hollywood are the new accessory…If Keyshia wants kids of course she is financially stable the problem is raising them

  • MissBlaze43

    @ MS K

    You was talkin’ as if you ALREADY met her. I’m just sayin’.

  • MissBlaze43

    @ daughtercreole

    You’re only half right – TWINS are the new way to have children.

    I don’t know, they must all be going to the same doctors to ensure they they have – not one baby – but two.

    AND PLEASE – don’t none of y’all come back with that “oh maybe God just blessed them with twins.” NO.

    I can understand if one or maybe two Hollywood couples have twins, but not EVERY damn body. After Angelina had her twins, J.Lo wasn’t too far behind. Now you’ve got that woman who was once married to John Stamos having twins with her new husband – and there’s like 2-3 other couples.

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