Bobby Brown Hospitalized

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The King of R&B had a slight “heart attack scare” and was taken to the Tarzana Regional Medical Center in Ca. by his girlfriend Alicia Etheridge. Afraid the acute myocardial infarction might take his life, Bobby recorded a video for his family and friends. We don’t know what he said in the video, we just hope that he takes this scare as Jesus Taking the Wheel and lays off the drugs for real. High cholesterol and rocks are not a good mix.

Update via People: Singer Bobby Brown was hospitalized with a mild heart attack but is in “great spirits” and hopes to perform this weekend.”He’s recovering nicely. We thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate the outpouring of support.”


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  • Dr. Heather

    I hope he’s alright…

  • Z Phi Til I Die

    Damn, as much as I joke abouth the man, I would never want anything bad to happen to him. Get Well Soon, Bobby.

  • JaliliMaster

    Well, lets hope Whitney will agree to pay his medical bills otherwise someone, somewhere is going to be evicted from their hospital bed.

  • Seghana

    I love yoooou bobaaaaayyyyy!!!

  • Mahogany

    I hope he gets better.

    that is all.


    Bobby will be aiight, God has a way of making a person take heed of his mortal situation.

  • ko

    Damn Bobby its like that!!! I really hope this brotha can get it together, especially for the sake of his kids. Hopefully he can recover and turn his life around.

  • Moreaces

    Hope he gets better soon.

  • Dublite

    What the f*ck Bobby. Get it together.

  • Naw Son

    Stress of a female can change ya’

  • kit

    bobbythere no futurein being dead bobby brown

  • VanGogh

    I hope he gets better soon.

  • Doc-2-B

    the first thing i thought when i read this story:


    i wish him well

  • Flex

    This loser’s like a bad fart that just keeps lingering in the air…

    Somebody needs to put this fool out of his misery.

  • Just a thought...

    Yeah he needs to slow down with the cocaine. Lots of music artists have checked out this way; heart attack due to the effects of cocaine use.

    Slow down Bobby! That’s just what these gossips rags and blogs want, a story of your death to exploit on their pages.

  • daria

    Live fast, die young.


    Stay up KING OF R & B you still the MAN

  • Baby Please

    @ Z Phi Til I Die

    What’s up, soror?

    Damn, man. Best wishes for a speedy, er, quick recovery.

  • Kiki

    Young man…heart attack…think cocaine. That’s just what I’ve been taught.

  • Hiphopisgarbage

    Was there really an “outpouring” of suport…? Some support, I can see….

  • wdstk

    Take care of your self Bobby.

    When I say get, you say well,



  • oh my damn

    I was just there on Sunday visiting my friend’s dad. Maybe I should swing by and see him lol j/k.

  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    Get well Bobby B!!!! I still have love for ya!!!

  • ray ray

    It was a joke; the man isn’t ill at all.


    Guilty Pleasure et al, ^ that’s what i’m talkin’ bout. f’s%&ts!

    Bobby, go pick up your check for the release of dem pics!!! …explain HIPAA to the country, again. retain george clooney’s lawyer – i love the way george handled that bull$%^t! han’le urs, dawg.

    btw: what love do u have 4 bobbi kristina & all ur kids, whitney, ur dad who i met wit u back in da day, ur bro, baby mamas who’ve had too much explainin’ to do bout da heartache u spill out, on & on.

    u’ve wrecked enuf nerves. PUT DAT PIPE DOWN & GO HOME. MANY HAVE DONE IT. REHAB URSELF – U KNOW WHAT TO DO! what is hurting u so much dat u been sucking years of ur life, luvs & friendships into a f’n pipe!

    c’mon, star…. holla at us sober, go stay wit michael, in bahrain, or sum’n. don’t die young & braindead – read dese blogs cause folks is being real wit u. lyin’ bout a heart attack is 1 favorite c’head move & u know dis.

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