A Lil Positivity: Former NBKOTB & Hip-Hop Ghostwriter Medina Says ‘The Rappers Are So Poor All They Have Is Money’ [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Last year, we introduced you to Medina, one of hip-hop’s most popular hitmen. While he’s penned a number of chart toppers for some of the industry’s superstars, this guy is ready for change.

“Enough is enough! This shit is getting stupid! There will come a day when money no longer ‘talks’ – when the integrity of your character will be what speaks the loudest. Unfortunately, the major league players in this game have an immortal legacy. It will not die with them, they’ve left a legacy of filth to the babies. These ‘moguls’ – they have money to dangle in front of an industry rookie so he can buy a chain (or 2) and a car, but he’s now obligated to go to the studio and promote the agenda of the label – money, clothes, hoes and getting fucked up at the same damn time. It’s reckless and serves no good use for the listeners who are mostly children! Those big name rappers are so poor, all they have is money! My soul is NOT for sale! So, if the new controversy is doing the right thing, then where do I sign?”

To back up his bold statements, this man has dedicated himself to a dutiful cause to pivot the image of a “superstar.” Within the last year, Medina has partnered with Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, and raised over 30k to develop programs that assist young women in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to that, he’s donated ALL proceeds from his ‘Love That Hate Made’ EP to YES (Youth Enhancements Services) in Atlanta to help at risk youth acquire a GED.

“What I’d like to see happen is people, especially the youth, dedicate their brainpower to something useful. Focus the free parts of your day reading a book or doing something with your hands or your body – something that stimulates greatness within you. A useless brain gets washed with programming. Turn those TVs off!”

Take a look at his newest video “The Number Man” produced by Timbaland! Keep in mind every view supports a cause that helps at risk youth and promotes healthy living!

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