Cover Ups: The Most Bangin’ Alleged Beards In The Game Right Now

- By Bossip Staff
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Hottest Celebrity “Beards”

You know how it goes: men need a fine woman on their arm to feel special sometimes. And even moreso when they’re famous. So when they may or may not even be into women, they feel the need to keep a fine woman around. These ladies are called “beards.” There are plenty of famous men accused of having “beards” and having banging beards too. Think you know who they are? Take a look and see if you think the allegations have merit.

Nazanin – Miguel has been called all sorts of suspect…and his boo is bangin’.

Cassie – Diddy rumors have been going around since the 90s. We’re skeptical but people do call her a beard.

Chrissy Teigen – John Legend. No comment.

Whoever Drake’s Dating This Week – Drake gets the suspect tag a lot and the ladies he’s caught up with (including Miss Bria Myles) get called cover ups a lot.

Paige Butcher – We all know the drill with Eddie Murphy, don’t we?

Katie Holmes – The poor thing…

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    Adrienne Bosh – Chrissy Boo is easily the most suspect man in the NBA…but he’s got himself a wife though. So *shrugs*

    Jada Pinkett-Smith – Will still gets the suspect rumors…we don’t see it, either. Either way, Jada is magnificently aging.

    Kelly Preston – She stayed with John and kept her beard status even when he was allegedly giving hand jibbers to masseuses across the country.

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