When The Checks Stop Coming In: Dirty Dog Hall Of Famer Tiki Barber Pimps Out His Skills And Charges $1950 For Fans To Play Football With Him

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Supporting his home wreckin’ Becky is starting to add up…

Tiki Barber Charges $1950 For Fans To Play Football

Ex-New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is charging $1950 for an afternoon of flag football. As it turns out, flag football is just one of the many activities available for purchase on the website Thuzio.

Via The Grio:

Barber co-founded Thuzio this year as a sort-of ‘concierge-service’ connecting professional athletes with fans or anyone willing to spend money on the ‘trips’.

The company’s tagline is ‘Book An Unforgettable Experience’ – which includes activities with many of Thuzio’s other athlete-clients. Online users can book ‘experiences’ such as ‘dunking’ with John Starks or playing ‘pick-up’ with Tim Hardaway.

The $1950 flag football offer is a specific partnership with UrbanDaddy Enterprises and is only available in the New York region. Here’s an excerpt from the advertisement:

Yeah, that Tiki Barber—you may remember him from his 10 illustrious seasons with the New York Giants, his expert commentary during the 2008 Beijing Olympics or his frequent judging sessions on Iron Chef America.

Or if flag football isn’t your game: feel free to suggest a different activity. Tiki also excels at badminton and dodgeball. (But you probably don’t want to face him in dodgeball.)

Call it a shrewd business move?

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