Brutality Payback: LAPD Ordered To Pay Disabled Man $1.6 Million After They Broke His Collar Bone During Arrest

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LAPD Ordered To Pay Disabled Man 1.6 Million After Breaking His Collar Bone During Arrest

A group of LAPD pigs who badly injured a disabled African-American man during an arrest in 2009 have been ordered to fork over the gwap to the tune of 1.6 million dollars.

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A disabled African-American man was awarded $1.6 million last week Wednesday in damages after a jury found that LAPD officers used excessive force that left the man with a broken collar bone and nerve damage in his wrist.

Allen Harris, 56, of Inglewood, California, who had suffered a stroke in the past that left him disabled, was awarded the compensation by a Los Angeles Superior Court Jury after finding that the arresting officer caused nerve damage to the his wrist when he was handcuffed too tightly during a search at his residence.

According to the L.A. Times, Jurors then ordered on Thursday that the arresting officer, Alex Tellez, pay an additional $90,000 of his personal funds in punitive damages.

One of the jurors, Gayle Chavkin, told the Times that jurors felt “we needed to send a message that this is not right — don’t ever do this again. We felt there needed to be a consequence for him disregarding Mr. Harris’ pleas.”

During the trial, Chavkin said the arresting officers, ten in total, claimed that Harris did not show any signs of disability, even though he walked with a noticeable limp.

Good for him and they trial jury for wanting to send the right message.

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