Show The Pearly Whites: Celebs Who Got Their Jacked Up Grills Fixed…And More That Refuse To Work It Out

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Celebrity Dental Fixes

Here’s the most important thing to do when you’re a celebrity: smile. You need to show off your pearly whites at every chance. You’re on the covers of magazines and albums showing off those teeth. That’s why it’s so important to keep that grill straight.

Here are a few celebrities that have spared no expense to remodel their previously jacked up grills. And a few that could take some moments to do the same.


Fabolous – Back in December he said he was too grown for a chipped tooth so he got it worked out.

Nas – He also got his chipped tooth fixed.

Lindsay Lohan – She got those crack teeth fixed up…only to spoil them again with more crack smh.

Catherine Zeta Jones – She fixed her teeth when she went from ashy to classy.

Demi Moore – She did the same thing.

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    Mike Tyson – He had that gold tooth and jacked up grill in the 90s and now he’s got it much better.

    50 Cent – He had his teeth fixed after they got shot up. But they were jacked when he first hit the scene.

    Tom Cruise – He had bad teeth when he first showed up but now his smile earns his check.

    Bobbi Kristina – Anyone gonna help her work that gap out?

    Michael Strahan – His gap is trademarked by now.

    Seal – He loves his gap, too.

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      Stop being lazy. Show Before and After pics for everyone listed.

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