Random Ridiculousness: Ken and Barbie

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We always have a little chuckle when looking at any celebrity doll, but whoever designed this Jay-Z Ken doll has to be blind as hell. Where are the camel-esque features? Big ass lips? The Jay-Z doll that came out last December is a little more accurate with the soup coolers. (See thumbnail pic)

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  • wtf???

    I’m need these doll makers to lean back…this ish is NOT HOT. NEXT!!

  • whateva

    Beyonce looks so gorgeous. They got her doll looking just like her. Now the Jay doll don’t look nothing like him.

  • so what

    Beyonce looks beautiful!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    Why is Beyonce white? Oh yeah. The Creole and what not…

  • Southernbell


  • me

    Beyonce looks latino (I guess she got what she wanted). Jay-z does not look like Jay-z. What company made these knock-offs?! I hope it wasn’t Matel. I’m just saying…

  • Chillin @ Work

    LMAO…Them dolls ..wow, do not look nothing like them!!!!! Especially the Jay-Z doll….

  • SW10

    wth is beyonce whit and jayz wishes he looked like that doll.

  • http://hottnikz.blogspot.com hottnikz

    The old Jay doll looks like some old racist ass black-face doll from back in the day,lmao.

  • Moreaces

    Yeah, why Bey looking white in that pic, and I don’t know how to comment on the Z doll, Beys doll look more like him, than his doll,

  • greeneyezjade

    why ol’ why are they doing this to these people, they are humans not aliens…ROTF…die at the end!

  • jazzyphile

    Hey Hip Hop Knuckleheads: You don’t have to be all things to all people! A Jay Z/Beyonce doll duo. Ridiculous. Who buys this crap?

  • Mahogany

    They know Bey’s dresses fit her better than the one on the doll.! lol

    It looks like some of “mattel’s” doing since they can’t keep lead out of the toys.


  • http://stylerazzi.blogspot.com StyleRazzi

    Does it happen to come with the optional RHIANNA JUMPOFF DOLL or an ISLAND JAY-Z with the bonus SECRET BABY MOMMA SHANELLE AND SON- PATERNITY TEST NOT INCLUDED!!!!! lol!!!!!


  • Trini Chica in BK

    Jay looks likes he was made in the words of the white man “all of blackslook alike”. Just slapped black man together

  • LaLa

    StyleRazzi— LMFAO dem Bey &Jay fans gon get u for that one..LMFAO…

  • LaLa

    That’s the nicest I ever seen Jay looking…

  • dani

    Beyonce doll comes with lacefronts but it’s sold seperately

  • CCC

    jay z wishes he looked this good… rewind and come again doll makers

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    The problem is they don’t really know how to make a doll look like a light-skinned black person. Black dolls are usually dark-skinned — I suppose so buyers can make no mistake about the doll’s ethnicity. Sometimes non-white dolls are made to look latina, so they’re darker than white dolls. But nobody has figured out how to make a light-skinned black doll. Dat’s why Bey be lookin’ like a white blond.

    LMAO. 🙂


  • Mr. First


  • shoeluva

    whats next…the mama tina doll, including that horrible red lipstick

  • kai

    This is disgusting. And I dont know why you guys are suprised and saying the Beyonce doll looks white. To me, that is how she looks. Beyonce hasnt ever been Black to me. …

  • meena

    oh comon now..Beyonce is light yes..but nowhere light like that doll!and that doll had blue eyes??wtf?

    damn…I can only imagine how confuzed kids are gonna be,when they see that doll…and it aint even Beyonces fault!

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