Curtis is Cold Blooded

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No Cent responds to Shaniqua as she tries to dig deep into his pockets:

50 Cent is firing back at baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, who filed a $50 million breach of contract suit. In a response to her suit we’ve obtained, 50 says anything he said to her is “nothing more than pillow talk and romantic declarations of love.” 50 even lays out in the simplest terms — “If I ever intended to make that kind of commitment to [Tompkins], I would have married her.”

Ok, 50 million is rather steep, but they do share a son for cryin’ out loud. Ladies need to start strong-arming these bruthas to say “I Do” to avoid these types of shenanigans – and puhleeeze stop using your kids as bargaining chips, damn.


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  • Sit yo five dollar behind down before I make some change ( Immma A Diva!!!)


  • Goofy

    2nd!!! Dayum cant get first!!!

  • Goofy

    or 2nd it seems

  • Sit yo five dollar behind down before I make some change ( Immma A Diva!!!)

    LOL…coulda fooled me..I thought he was in love with LLoyd Banks…

  • PREGG0 |10 m0re dayz| i L0VE HiS BiG EG0

    i WiSH HE’d G0 BAKk T0 HiS CAVE…

  • Bylaw22

    You brawds kill me,everytime you see his son he’s shining, that kid aint wonting or nothing, its this lame brain chick who thinks she deserves to live like 50. I aint heard her on naan rap song.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    TOP 10 SNITCHEZ!!!!!!

  • Gee

    Listenening to her ghetto azz friends has messed her up. She was getting 500k a year. Who can’t live off of that and still be fly?

  • HF

    Not a Fiddy Stan by any stretch, but I have 2 ask:

    What FUGGIN’ contract is Shaniqua buggin’ about?

    Now repeat after me Shaniqua… BABY-MOMMAS-DON’T GET-ALIMONY!

    “If I ever intended to make that kind of commitment to [Tompkins], I would have married her.”

    That says it all right there. And hell yeah, quit using your kid as a lottery ticket.

  • ADuvalPrincess

    I love 50, she is crazy. It’s 2 sides to every story, and I am pretty sure she had to do some nasty things to make him act like that. But she needs to move on, 50 is my man!!!!


    i dont blame him. 50 mil? she trying to turn her son into a lottery ticket. it’s repulsive how these ghetto ass females with no aspirations or goals except to get a bigger child support check. she know if she this was some other random hood nigg she’d be lucky to have gotten pampers when he was a baby and a lil cheap outfit from some beauty supply store as a toddler


    Dang thats crazy, and even more he telling the truth, nackas feed a girl all these wolf tickets and premium petro, for a purpose,she should have been smarter. She knows 50 is way to smart for that, she should have just fell back, played her position and she would have eventually had 50 million. But a hoodrat will be a hoodrat, and hoodrats mamas, grandmas, sis and girls are usually hoodrats, so they all do hoodrat things. and know what does she have, nada. dumba$s broad

  • Razzell Dazzell

    You know what (rhetorical), I don’t know either one of them personally, but from what 50 has revealed about himself, which is an insight to his character, he stikes me as irrogant, narsasistic, egocentric and in his eyes “larger than life.” He should mind the energy he is putting out. This woman is the mother of his child, so anything negativety he’s putting out will one day be read by his son. I’m tired of hearing about and frankly, I don’t care.


    lol@Akeys stan

  • Char

    “Strongarm” a man to marry you???? Honestly, if he does not want to marry you, I think it’s better to move on to be with someone who loves and respects you. How ridiculous to suggest chasing a man who does not want you; it’s better to be alone.

  • grendel

    strong arming?
    yeah ok.

  • 007

    Black women need to stop opening their legs to any and every old criminal/thug. Usher and Tameka set the stage, too many single parent homes in the black community, all because the dude drove a nice rented car and home girl got open. Blacks need to get their act together.

  • movie quote man

    @blaze thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Txhustla15 (Austin's Finest)

    @ MissBlaze43 – Lol sorry about that , heres a christmas Mojito on the house from Texas…

  • Woudat X

    dumb girl! dumb dumb dumb dumb….. d-dumb-dumb

    thank you Run DMC

  • Toni M.

    if he tried to burn me and my son alive i’d be tryin to get at his sorry behind too…naw for real i would take a lump sum settlement for child support and make sure me and my son never see his behind again. he dont spend time with the boy anyway, he just sign checks, and thats per HIS ADMISSION.

  • MissBlaze43

    @ Txhustla15

    Thank you. I just needed to vent because even thought all this went down on Monday evening, I get pissed every time I think about it.


    I love 50, he’s doing the right thing….His sons mother is such a bum, what will she do after this boy turns 21. Who will she try and gank next….

  • Txhustla15 (Austin's Finest)

    SMDH at all those that think shorty is deserving of anything but a coke , smile and bus ticket…

  • Txhustla15 (Austin's Finest)

    @MissBlaze43 – haha its cool I hear you , Ive seen how my sister is with my niece she is 5 months and when relatives want to get involved and do foolish things like that , I know when its time to get out the way ! haha

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