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Man Struck By Police Car Billed For Vehicle Damage

A NYC man says the NYPD is going overboard after he received a bill for the police car that was ‘damaged’ during an incident earlier this year where he was hit by the car while slizzard and crossing the street.

via Fox News

A Manhattan pedestrian says the NYPD is adding insult to injury after it sent him a bill for $1,028.08 after an officer in a patrol car struck him while he was crossing the street in April.

The New York Daily News reports 25-year-old Jesse Zorski was struck in the right leg by the patrol car April 12. Zorski told the paper he smashed into the side-view mirror and hit the ground, landing on his wrist.

The police said the officer had the right-of-way, but Zorski claimed he had a green light. He wears a hearing aid and admits he had drank two beers that night, but says those factors didn’t play a role in the accident.

“I was perfectly coherent,” Zorski told The New York Daily News. “I was shocked, certainly, but not inebriated.”

We’re wondering what ‘damage’ this man could have done to the tune of $1000+ dollars since side-view mirrors don’t usually run anywhere near that much…



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